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Pet Gear Tie Out Cable

A dog tie out cable to keep your dog safe and secure but free to play when in the garden, park, on days out or whilst camping. 

If you're tying a dog out, you need to make sure that they are secure. The PetGear Tie Out Cable is made up of a strong steel cable wrapped in a weatherproof plastic coating, helping to keep the cable usable for much longer.

Sometimes the strain that dogs put on the cable can cause damage to the trigger hook which attaches to the PetGear Tie Out Stake. To combat this, the PetGear Tie Out Cable includes a shock absorber to relieve some of the tension exerted on the cable and hook.


Dog Tie Out Cable

- Freedom and safety for pets outdoors
- Strong, steel cable
- Weather proof coating to prevent rust
- Shock absorbing spring
- Easy to clean

Sizing & Specs

Dog Leash Tether

Size: 4.7m