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Pet Tie Out Stake - Cat/Dog Leash Holder

Keep your pet safe and secure outdoors whilst still allowing them freedom to roam. Great for pet travel scenarios such as:
- Camping
- Road trip rest stops and trail breaks 
- Picnics

Need hands free whilst setting up camp? Want to let your pet roam outside the car safely? Let this pet tie out stake do the work, by anchoring the stake into the ground and simply attaching your pet to it.


Quickly and easily secure your pet in place by pushing and twisting the corkscrew end into the ground. Then attach one of their lead or cable to the anchor link. 

Hard wearing, weather resistant finish 
- Strong link to attach pet lead/ tie out cable to

Sizing & Specs

- Stainless steel pet anchor 
- 46cm x 0.8 cm x 0.8cm