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Dicky Bag Pet Poop Bag Carrier

With the Dicky Bag™ you have the opportunity for a new, easy and stylish way to carry pet supplies including poo bag holders, pick-up poop and transport the smelly stuff discretely until you can find a bin. Think of it as your very own portable designer cat or dog waste bin with added space to carry pet treats, making it the ultimate dog poop holder if there ever was one!  

Why this is great for adventures:

  • Discretely hide your cat or dogs waste until you find a dog bin
  • It can be used to store your poo bags somewhere 
  • Can also be used as a convenient treat carrier

Having tested various prototypes (and even the original ones still going after 5 years) the materials and designs used in this poop bag holder are second to none. British invention, patented design and handmade in picturesque Cornwall - the home of beautiful dog walks and not very many dog waste bins! 

Each Dicky Bag stylish dog poop bag includes a FREE pack of bio-degradable pick up bags and renewable Dicky Disk freshener. 

🐾 Made from easy to clean neoprene (wipe or washing machine)

🐾 British invention and patented design 

🐾 Durable zippers, seals and finishes

🐾 Premium carabiner clip

🐾 Storage space for designer poo bags and pet treats

🐾 Patented and handmade in Cornwall, UK 

🐾 Odour prevention device (includes free disk freshener)

🐾 Lightweight walking bags. Airtight & made of leak-proof materials

🐾 3 sizes available to cover all pet waste sizes

🐾 Carries poop pick-up bags and pet treats

If you have ever thought a dog lead with poop bag holder would be a useful accessory then this may be for you. The poop dog bag clips to your belt, bag or your dog lead using the carabiner clip. Then once they've done their business, grab a poop bag from the designer poop bags holder, pick-up the poop and store it away in the airtight bag until you can reach a dog waste bin. 

Here's what Dicky Bag have to say, we love their style and couldn't say it better ourselves!

"Travelling with your dog? Picking up and being responsible? Full marks BUT... seriously why are you parading poop around like a trophy! Not enough bins I hear you cry, well sod’s law states that there is never a bin when you need it, which is why the clever owners are investing in these waste bags."

Poo Bag Storage (Dog poop bag holder)

If you have your poo bags on a roll and need somewhere to store them and be your dog poop bag dispenser then look no further.

Sizing & Specs


Small - holds 77g / 2 3/4 oz
Medium - holds 115g / 4 oz
Large - holds 125g / 4 1/4 oz