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Tractive GPS Tracker For Dogs | Waterproof GPS Tracker with Activity Monitoring - Version 4 LTE Technology

Find your dog with the GPS and monitor their fitness with the built in dog fitness tracker

 Tractive GPS Dog Tracker and Activity Monitor

The Tractive GPS dog tracker is 100% waterproof and robust and keeps track of your pets location even from the other side of the globe. It works in real-time, gives you the full location history and even has full activity tracking features like a Fitbit for your pet! 

The GPS dog collar links up to your smart phone and all you need is a smartphone app which is free plus a WIFI connection or 3g. Track your dog and start living and exploring and don't let the adventures stop.

Have you ever got that sinking feeling when your dog has briefly gone missing on their mini adventure and you realise they are no longer in your line of sight? Suddenly wishing you had a dog tracking device? With this dog tracker, you can reduce your worry and stress, stop not knowing, and have some comfort every time you check your app.

The Tractive GPS Dog 4 tracker allows you to find your dog anytime, anywhere. Use the GPS collar attachment to see the exact GPS location of your pet directly on your smartphone or in any browser.

Use the GPS collar attachment to see the exact location of your pet directly on your smartphone or in any browser. With new improved accuracy and battery life. It combines the latest network technology with the most popular features for even more peace of mind. And with unlimited range, it lets you see your dog's location and activity levels almost everywhere in the world.


GPS Dog Tracker Collar

  • Worldwide location tracking & activity monitoring  
  • LIVE mode - location updates every 2-3 seconds
  • Get notified if your dog wanders a bit too far from home
  • Enjoy the best tracking experience with the latest network technology
  • Get wet, it's adventure-proof! 100% waterproof, shock-resistant and lighter than 30g (a very small dog tracker)
  • Long-lasting battery that goes for up to 5 days allowing time to find your dog

Subscription charges apply - Choose a plan starting from £3.75 per month upon device setup and install the find your pet trac app.

Sizing & Specs

Dog GPS Tracker Collar Specs

Real-Time GPS LIVE Tracking
Regardless of when or where you can always stay connected to your dog. With Tractive GPS LIVE Tracking, you can see the exact trace of your four-legged friend. Thanks to the integrated virtual fence (geofence), Tractive will inform you immediately in the case that your dog leaves a pre-defined safe area. Simply attach the GPS pet tracker to the collar and have peace of mind.

Finding them has never been easier:
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Weight once attached to your pet (30g)


What's the range of a Tractive Dog GPS tracker?

Unlimited. In fact, you could track your pet with the pet tracking chip, even if you're on the other side of the world. And it works in over 150 countries.

Why should I use a dog tracker?

It can be in their nature to go roaming and end up missing when they cannot find their way back to their owner. When a dog goes missing, or is stolen or injured somewhere, you suddenly realise the importance of a dog tracker. A microchip and collar can ensure the safe return of your dog however situations can and do exist where a dog tracker could have prevented them. 

How does a Tractive GPS tracker work and how to track your pet?

It connects to the best available mobile network (with the inbuilt pet gps microchip) - just like a phone - to provide location data everywhere your pet goes and fits onto your dog's collar, making them tracking collars. Please note this is not a radio frequency pet tracker. 

What is Activity Monitoring, and how does it work?

It offers you more information about the activity and movement levels of your pet. With that data, it can inform you about the health and fitness levels of your four-legged pal. The best dog activity tracker on the market we believe which is especially great as GPS tracking for dog walkers. 

Will the Tractive GPS tracker work in my country?

This device currently works in over 150 countries worldwide, mainly across Europe. We've tested as a GPS tracking device for dogs UK. As this is a new updated tracker it WILL work in Canada, America and Australia.

Will the Tractive GPS tracker fit my dog's collar?

The tracker fits most collar sizes thanks to an adjustable rubber clip, and snaps securely in place thanks to a clip mount.

What are the other pet tracker options and is there a pet GPS tracker chip implant on the market? 

Unfortunately this technology has not yet arrived, as such we've found the next best thing - a real time pet tracker. There are other smart dog collar gps devices out there but from testing multiple devices this was our firm favourite. 

How accurate is the Tractive GPS?

The Tractive GPS will update every 2 - 3 seconds when set to the live mode. The range is irrelevant, as you could be on the other side of the world and it will still provide an accuracy of 7 meters. This does depend on you having signal in the location you are in. 

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