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      Travel with Pets - The Pet Travel Blog

      How Should a Dog Travel in a Car?

      How should a dog travel in a car
      75% of all adults in England hold a full driving license meaning many people and their dogs will ride in a car together.  As one of the most common modes of transport in the UK it is only natural to take your dogs with you, but  how should a dog travel in a car? 

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      Camping With Dogs: Can Dogs Sleep in Tents?

      Can dogs sleep in tents
      You're going camping with your dog, excellent choice! Your dog accessories are packed and you have an awesome tent. You have sorted your transport and chosen the dog friendly location but have you thought of everything? Did you check if dogs are allowed on your camp site? Are you wild camping? Will Fido miss home? Where do dogs sleep when camping? Can dogs sleep in tents? 

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