How Do You Give A Dog First Aid: Beginners Guide

A pet first aid kit

First Aid Techniques For Your Dog


Today, I am going to show you how to handle the horrible situation when your dog or somebody else's dog suffers an injury. Who do you call? Where do you go? What items do you need? Here are some pet first aid tips. This dog first aid PDF guide has been created to help you in many situations where first aid may be required for your pets, someone else’s pet, or any animal in the wild. 


I remember when my dog Francis managed to snap off his Dewclaw. What is a Dewclaw you may ask?


dew claw



Blood was pouring, he was upset but keeping a stiff upper lip and my tired arms and back were trying to carry him half a mile home. I had no k9 emergency medical training. I was gutted for him and angry at myself for not having any idea on what to do. No Uber was going to take me to a vet with blood all on my t-shirt and carrying a 13kg dog for over a mile was a little harder than I expected!

There he is bless him after a visit to the vets 😂


Dog first aid with injured paw 

 He doesn't look too happy with me


This canine first aid guide could stop you from being in the same position as me and at the very least if I can show you why a pet pdf kit is useful, then I have achieved something. 


Lets start with something pretty serious. There's nothing like jumping in the deep end.


How to help a small dog if they are choking 


Before we go any further, here is a video from First Aid For Life. It shows how to help a choking dog. Dogs love to try things by using their mouth and if they choke when you are out, what do you do? 

  1. Stay calm 
  2. Open their mouth carefully and check inside for anything obvious 
  3. For a small dog, hold them upside down and GENTLY shake them or use wheelbarrow position 
  4. Use a Heimlich maneuver by finding the natural gap after the ribs, use the thumb part of your fist under the abdomen with the other hand over the top and push upwards towards their chest up to five times.



A Pet First Aid Kit


Some people may read this and say, ‘oh give over, pet first aid, really?’. Hopefully, you never see an owner carrying their dog severely injured back down a mountain, or a cat that has a relentless bleed occurring from broken glass, or a wild animal covered in oil or some other substance. Yes, YOU are the unexpected hero when you suddenly have the phone numbers, locations, pet plaster spray, saline pods to clean or scissors and tweezers for glass injuries.

Nothing is worse than no access to a vet and no tools or way of correcting a situation. Now lets move on to what should be included in a pet first aid kit and what steps you should take should such an event happen. 



Write down, vet details, local vet to the area you are in, including an email and phone number for them.



What is in a pet first aid kit?

This infographic contains a list of pet first aid items useful to you when adventuring with your pets. 

Travel Dog First Aid PDF Guide


Step 1


First, identify if it Is an emergency based on the list below? If any of these get the green light ✔ then swiftly move to step 2.


  • ⁃  Is your pet unconscious?
  • ⁃  Has your pet collapsed?
  • ⁃  Does your pet have any difficulty breathing?
  • ⁃  Do you suspect they have broken a bone?
  • ⁃  Are they having a seizure?
  • ⁃  Is there any severe bleeding or gaping wounds?
  • ⁃  Have you noticed any swelling around the face or head?
  • ⁃  Are they showing any symptoms of heatstroke?
  • ⁃  Have they had persistent vomiting, or diarrhoea and appear quieter than normal?
  • ⁃  Have they eaten something toxic like chocolate or medicines?


If you feel this is not an emergency, then you may be able to use some pet first aid supplies to help your pet and then make your way back home or to safety without too much worry.


Step 2


Next, in an emergency scenario you need to do the following:


  • ⁃  Secure your pet if possible so they do not run away and hide
  • ⁃  You should remain calm despite the worrying situation
  • ⁃  If you have any first aid items to stop bleeding, create warmth, or to improve comfort then do use them
  • ⁃  Check your phone has battery and signal or use somebody nearby
  • ⁃  If you have no technology or help nearby then go to step 4
  • ⁃  Now contact an emergency vet near you using the details in step 3


Step 3


Next, contact an emergency service (Do not call 999 or 911). 

  • ⁃ is a digital vet clinic available 24 hours a day in many countries including the US, UK, and European countries. You can have a vet on camera asap if required and it would give you great peace of mind depending on how bad the situation is. 


To find a vet near you, think clearly and do what should be obvious but isn't always when stress and anxiety kicks in. 

  1. ⁃  Open Google on your phone and click on ‘Maps’ or search for Google Maps on your phone
  2. ⁃  In the map search box type ‘vets near me’
  3. ⁃  Click on the directions button for any that are near you as seen in the screenshots below




 Google maps


 Google map


Step 4


  • ⁃  Alternatively, if you have no use of technology, you will need to make your way to a vet or you need to find other people to ask if you can use their phones. 
  • ⁃  During this unpleasant journey, you should try to keep your pet warm and as comfortable as possible


I hope by following the steps outlined you have managed to either fix the situation with some basic first aid supplies, contact a vet by mobile or video call or managed to safely make your way to a local vet to ensure you are all safe and well on your travels.


If you would like to go one step further then you could always consider attending a dog first aid class.


Why take a dog first aid course?


The same reason you would take a human first aid course. It gives you the confidence and ability to react quickly and efficiently to a dog that has been involved in an incident or urgent injury. We know that when you travel, it could be anywhere from a city through to the middle of nowhere and your actions and preparations could make all the difference. 


How much is a dog first aid course and which dog first aid course should I attend?


If you want to look into a first aid course for some training away from the books then try First Aid for Pets 



FirstVet has some free consultations with certain pet insurance providers.


What is the Best Pet First Aid Kit?

Check out our first aid products available here: Best Pet First Aid Kid


Download this in a printable PDF format here




After reading this article 'Dog First Aid Outdoors: A Beginners Guide', I hope it will give you an opportunity to have the right equipment and ideas to get you out of such a situation with your pet.


For those who may have wondered what I wish I would have had when Francis hurt his claw, it would have been the first aid kit. Just the ability to clean, and bandage the injury would have made it a little less stressful! 





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