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Breakaway Collar - Night-time 'Catventurer' Essential

High Vis for Oncoming Traffic | Breakaway Safety | Wildlife Warning Bell

Having a collar that excels in function as well as fashion is very important to all cat owners. Therefore, Ancol has ensured this breakaway collar has been designed to meet the needs of both outdoor and indoor cats. As a responsible pet travel company, we want to ensure your cat is very safe when adventuring outdoors on their travels.

Why this is great for adventures:

Designed with safety in mind, this is a reflective breakaway cat collar for increased collar safety. Being reflective increases your cat’s visibility in low light. The breakaway collar increases their safety from collar accidents by allowing them to escape from any snags. There is also a useful, detachable bell to protect the wildlife. The breakaway collar is easily adjustable it expands from 20cm to 30cm to ensure a correct fit, ideal for cats of all breeds with a lightweight yet durable design that does not hinder movement or activity when worn.


Breakaway Collar Features

Reflective strip material to increase visibility in low-light
Breakaway collar buckle to allow your adventure cat an easy escape 
XL warning bell to help protect wildlife

Sizing & Specs

Size: 20-30cm


How does a breakaway collar work?

Breakaway collars are known as safety collars and for a good reason. They have a clasp that has specifically been designed to break open when enough force has been applied. By having the clasp break, it could prevent a cat from being strangled in any dangerous situation where the collar has been caught onto something.