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Tie Out Pet Tether For Small, Medium and Large Pets

Simply tie up one end of the cable using the sturdy trigger hook to your pet and the other to a tie out stake or fixed position then allow your pet freedom whilst knowing they're safe. The Ancol Tie Out Cable range comes in three sizes, each with a maximum weight limit going right up to large dogs. The PVC covered cable included within every tether is brightly coloured for high visibility, extremely difficult to chew through and is both mud and water resistant. 


Ancol Tie Out Cable For Pets

Using a tie out tether can help keep your pet securely in place whilst you are camping, stopped at services or are packing/unpacking before, during or after holiday. By using a fixed length tether your pet will still have room to roam but will remain safe and secure therefore reducing any risks of escapes.

- Strong and durable 
- Chew-proof PVC covered cable
- 2.3 metres long
- Sturdy trigger hooks
- Bright orange covering for visibility
- Water resistant and weather-proof
- Available in three strengths to cover small, medium and large breeds
- Tie out stakes are also available

Sizing & Specs

Small: 2.3m X 3mm, 10kg weight limit
Medium: 2.3m X 4mm, 15kg weight limit
Large: 2.3m X 4.5mm, 35kg weight limit