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Cat Enrichment & Training

Adventure Cat Training & Enrichment


Having a well trained kitty makes travelling with a cat easier. A travel cat should be trained to walk comfortably on a leash and harness or collar, be trained and comfortable in various surroundings and follow basic commands. To aid with this we have a range of cat training products including training cat clickers, cat and kitten training harnesses and cat calming treats and wipes. 



Basic Cat Training Accessories


The downside to a well trained cat can be their need for learning, since their minds need engaging. The last thing you need when travelling is a bored cat! So we recommend use of a cat lickiMat, lots of continued training and a range of outdoor adventures. 



Beginner Cat Training


When training a cat, your primary focus should begin with their social skills. Working with them at a young age can help reduce the surprise of being an adventure cat when they venture outdoors. Kittens start life in an ambitious, adventurous and bold manner with a little confidence and naivety that can go a long way in early preparation. If you want them to be brave, introduce the training and enrichment when they are young if it is possible. 



Cat Enrichment Products


Simply taking your cat outdoors with you is a great way of enriching their lives. Products such as the lickimat gives further enrichment, and once you have moulded them into a travel cat and can explore the world with them, then enrichment doesn't get much better than that. 


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