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Designer Dog Collars

Designer Dog Collars


Designer dog collars and leads are some of the first things you will put on your puppy when they come home. Putting on the first pet collar is a magical moment as it is like the official symbol of welcoming them into your pack. Choosing the right dog collar seems simple but you never end up with just one, you will more than likely need a couple for the different activities you and your canine pal have planned. From puppy collars to luxury dog collars and even waterproof collars no matter how hard you try, you will end up with a different one for every adventure!


Dog collars have been around for centuries and are a necessary dog accessory to keep our pets safe. Modern-day dog collars have changed dramatically since they were first created. They can now be found in a variety of materials and styles. The most common modern collars are made from nylon, leather, metal and other synthetic materials. Different types of dog collars exist today for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is to provide identification information, control aggressive behaviour, be practical and functional to suit different climates, there is a collar for every need.


Luxury Designer Collars for Dogs


Nothing screams dog walking essential more than a good old fashionable dog collar. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring or not be adventure proof. We have both Tweed luxury dog collars for the countryside hound as well as weatherproof and easy-to-clean dog collars made of BioThane.


Waterproof Dog Collars


The BioThane dog collars are made for adventure. Easy to clean, simple to maintain, waterproof and they come in a variety of colours for you to mix and match with Biothane leads to create a unique look. These handmade dog collars are easily wiped clean, making them robust and easy to maintain for a long dog walk. These collars are great for adventurous pets that like to get muddy or go swimming. They are sand, sea and salt resistant, waterproof and are handmade.


Designer Dog Collars UK


It's not always about choosing a practical lead. Sometimes you may just stroll down the local streets, or are visiting your favourite dog-friendly restaurant and need something which oozes design and class. For these occasions, look no further than our designer dog accessories such as the tweed dog collars.


Tweed dog collars have been around for a while now, but they have been gaining in popularity in recent years. In the past decade or so, there has been an increase in the number of pet owners who want to bring their dogs with them on every trip out and when going somewhere nice it would be cheeky for them not to wear a bit of tweed.


Tweed dog collars can help owners with dogs that need to stay on a leash when they are outside of the home. Tweed dog collars come in many different colours and styles. Their original purpose was for hunting dogs who were required to wear them for safety purposes. The design is based on the traditional Scottish hunting attire, with different coloured plaids covering most of the dog's body. These style collars are now popular for many pets who need to stay on a leash or go out in public.


Travfurler is the ultimate destination for all your designer dog collar needs. With stunning collars from some of the pet worlds best-known brands, we are sure to have something that'll strike just the right chord for you and your adventurous pups!

With a vast range of colours and materials available, it couldn't be easier to choose a collar style that you love and that looks great on your dog. To ensure your dog has maximum comfort, all of the collars are adjustable and available in multiple sizes. If you're giving your puppy their first collar or you are simply replacing one for something more stylish and practical, you'll find something that fits them well here. Order online and receive free UK delivery for orders over £50.

Designer dog collars aren’t just a style choice, but a practical accessory for dogs too. You can attach an ID tag to your dog’s collar to help in case they get lost and you can attach your dog’s lead for walking. Our range of luxury dog collars includes webbing collars and leather collars in a variety of colours and sizes to suit all breeds from puppy to adult. Whether you're a small dog with delicate skin or an outdoor pup, we have the perfect collar for your furry friend. We have tweed collars right through to waterproof EzyDog and Biothane collars and all are well built so they stay on securely when out on your pup adventures!

Luxury Designer Collars for Dogs

Designer dog collars are more than just a fashion statement, they provide practical solutions. Collars are a great way to identify your dog and make sure they stay by you, but what if something happens? An ID tag is attached so that lost pet parents can quickly find their pup. Our luxury leather collars come in different sizes for every adult breed or puppy!. We have robust webbing dog collars for Cockers and Labradors who love the outdoors. Whatever kind of dog collar you’re looking for, our collection is sure to entice you, with sizes from extra extra small up to extra extra large!

BioThane Dog Collars

Similar to the look and feel of leather dog collars BioThane is a strong rubber coated webbing that's soft on your dog but also very strong, so it won't stretch or break easily. It has the same strength as nylon, yet it will not fray or degrade over time.

It is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating and It has a waterproof finish that helps completely repel water and dirt, making it perfect for dogs who love being outdoors, as well as those who enjoy splashing around in puddles on rainy days!


If you are looking to buy dog collars today just be sure to know what functionality you require. If you are looking for adventure, water and mud and want something easy to clean then BioThane will be a great buy. If you are ready for an urban stroll through a European city together then a designer collar such as Tweedmills tweed dog collar may be a better match.


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