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Dog Camping Gear

Dog Camping Essentials

Finding dog-friendly campsites is only the beginning. Once you have found where you and your pup are going to camp you will need to consider what dog camping essentials to take for both you and them. We all know most dogs love the great outdoors, or great out-dogs should we say, so why not camp out with your doggo adventure buddy in nature and really embrace the wild with our selection of dog camping gear.


Camping with Dogs

Camping with dogs brings extra tummy tickles, morning licks and cold late-night poop walks so make it as easy as possible by having the most important pieces of dog camping necessities packed up in your bag of dog camping gear. We recommend dog camping essentials such as towel-off dog shampoo that requires no water, dog tick removers for the pesky creatures that might be lurking and a poop porter poop bag holder for carrying the smelly stuff when there's little to no bins around. For those venturing further afield from the campsite, you might need a dog hiking carrier backpack or a giant dog leash and whilst back at campground keep your pooch occupied with all-natural and long-lasting dog chews. Don't forget to keep them hydrated and well-fed with a range of travel dog bowls for camping and a stainless steel dog bottle. 


Dog Camping Essentials

Here are some of our favourite dog camping essentials just to get you started.

Collapsible Bowls

These fold down flat when not in use, which makes them perfect for taking in your bundle of dog camping accessories. They're also great for feeding your dog but they will still want treats regardless!

Poop Bags

A dog camping kit missing poop bags could ruin all that beautiful nature has to offer by leaving behind his visiting card, do you? Of course not! Keep a sufficient amount of dog poop bags with you and the problem will be solved.

Energy Bars

There's nothing like having a supplement bar for an energy-filled hike, right? We all need a pick me up sometimes, especially after a night camping outdoors so we have some natural treats for your dogs in the form of Huundenergy dog energy bars.

Dog Camping Tent

When camping, we know not all dogs are lap dogs and some want their own space. You know, a tent within a tent! The newly redesigned K9 Kennel Pop-Up Tent is perfect for outdoor adventures and travel! It pops up and down in seconds and can fit easily into any backpack or suitcase.

Pet First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident might happen, so better to be prepared! Pack all your pet's first aid into one of these kits and take them with you whenever you're on the road.

Pet Wipes

It sounds obvious but when you forget these you will quickly realise how badly you need them.

Ruffwear Basecamp Dog Camping Bed

The Basecamp Dog Bed creates that one spot that dogs like to go back to for comfort. The most convenient thing about this bed is that it's made for the outdoors and is easy to clean before your next adventure.

Tether Knot a Hitch

Need to keep them in sight and safe but want to give them some freedom to roam around the local spot? Then a tether knot a hitch is for you.

Dog Camping Weekend Bag

Our final suggestion would be something to carry all your accessories and more in. The Ruffwear Haul Dog Weekend Bag is all you need.


Dog owners know that campers and hikers are often more than happy to share the space with their pup, but it's still a good idea to be prepared for anything with the right dog camping gear. There is no need to go on an epic trip without the right dog camping gear essentials! Here is some dog camping gear every dog owner should have.


Puppy Camping Gear

When camping with puppies, it is essential to keep them safe and comfortable. Before you hit the trails, make sure they have a collar with ID tags and their vaccination records on hand. Your pup should be microchipped as well in case they get lost. In addition to this have everything you could need to keep your puppy safe and warm during your camping trip.

Embrace the wilderness whilst camping with your dog and we're confident they'll show you an even wilder side to what's out there!

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