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Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat

Providing maximum comfort for you dog whilst enjoying outdoors adventures, the Henry Wag Waterproof Coat has a breathable outer layer, a fleece liner and is fibre filled.

The Henry Wag Waterproof Coat has been designed for maximum comfort for your dog, allowing you to spend more time outdoors with your dog regardless of the weather.

The material in our coat includes Hydro-comfort technology making the fabric breathable and waterproof. Our coat is fleece lined with warm fibre fill to help keep your dog warm whilst on outdoor adventures.

Created with a chest panel for additional weather protection, and a strong waist webbing strap to provide a secure fit. An adjustable collar to assist with broader-headed breeds and leg straps to ensure your coat remains in position. A lead and harness access slot are featured on the back of the coat with an easy-access protective flap cover.

Designed in a striking colour combination, the light blue panel makes it easy to keep your dog in sight. A reflective stripe along the side of the coat and reflective stitching will assist on night-time walks.

Available in 6 sizes (XS-XXL).


Henry Wag Dog Coat

- Hydro-comfort Technology.
- Adjustable collar.
- Lead and harness access slot.
- Reflective stripe and stitching.

Sizing & Specs

Henry Wag Waterproof Coat For Dogs

Collar to Tail: 35 cm
Chest: 44-50 cm

Collar to Tail: 40 cm
Chest: 46-52 cm

Collar to Tail: 45 cm
Chest: 54-62 cm

Collar to Tail: 55 cm
Chest; 60-68 cm

Collar to Tail: 65 cm
Chest: 65-75 cm

Collar to Tail: 75 cm
Chest: 70-80 cm