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      Hiking With Pets

      Wanted: Pets That Hike!


      Is there anything better than reaching new heights with your four-legged companion? Did you know cats and dogs love to reach vantage points as it gives them a sense of power and security? It's a great reason to search for some dog friendly mountains on your adventures. Combine their love for vantage points and your desire to go hiking with dogs or even with cats!  



      Hiking with Pets


      In our hiking with pets collection you'll find mountain gear for dogs and cats; including durable dog backpack carriers, pet first aid kits, strong cat harnesses and retractable pet leashes. There's also hiking wrist warmers for yourself, the more basic pet essentials such as bowls, bottles and ID tags and more specific tools such as a pet tick remover, energy bars for dogs and strong pet GPS trackers. 


      Hiking Gear for Dogs and Cats


      Take on the climb together and share the view on exciting cat and dog friendly trails. Adventures are better shared after all!