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Zero Shock Dog Lead

This functional shock absorber dog lead is outstanding at reducing the pulling and jolting effects on dog walks. These are typically endured with an enthusiastic dog. 

The 'EzyDog zero shock lead' excels at reducing the pulling strains and was built with your comfort in mind. This stretchy dog lead has a shock-absorbing component which is the key to a relaxing walk for both you and your dog.

Leads come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but only a few come with technology that improves your dog walks. 

Available in various lengths/widths including; 48", 25" and 48" LITE (for smaller dogs under 12kg). 


EzyDog Zero Shock Lead Features

- 'Zero Shock' Technology to protect against sudden jolts
- Utilises a Soft Neoprene Lined Loop Handle
- Made from EzyDog Proprietary Soft Touch Webbing
- Accessory D-Ring
- Available in various lengths and widths for all dog breeds and sizes
- Traffic Control' handle (48 inch only) is located at the end of the leash for when you need close control of your dog


This lead is an innovation worth shouting about! - A high-spec design, shock-absorbing webbing dog lead that works. 

Meticulously designed, the Zero Shock Lead has a highly sprung bungee system that effectively absorbs any sudden shocks your dog makes. Furthermore, it is soft, durable and will not wear over time. The Zero Shock Lead combines ultimate comfort, control, and protection, without compromising style or quality.

EzyDog Zero Shock LITE 

- All EzyDog Zero Shock Lead features plus
- Thinner webbing
- Lightweight materials

Sizing & Specs

The Shock Absorber Lead Technology

The carefully selected materials for the zero-shock dog lead include a super soft double density nylon, a reflective trim for improved low light visibility and a soft Neoprene lining inside the handle for extra comfort around your hand when holding the leash.

The shock-absorbing component uses a trademarked ™ 'zero shock technology which creates the cushioned effect and reduces the typical pulling and jolts shock. This technology sits in the centre of the lead, and many online reviews can vouch for the real-world impact.

Size Guide:

Size  Length Webbing Width Traffic Handle?
48" 120cm (48") 25mm Yes
25" 64cm (25") 25mm No
LITE (for smaller dogs under 12kg) 120cm (48") 15mm No

Including a Specialist Size For Small Dogs

The EzyDog Zero Shock LITE is made from narrow 15mm webbing, meaning that it is lighter in weight than the standard versions and suitable for dogs under 12kg.


Does a Bungee Lead Require Traffic Control Functionality?

48 Inch Only - This shock absorber dog lead features a soft webbing handle for excellent comfort and has a second traffic handle close to the collar. The traffic handle allows you to bring your dog back alongside when needed quickly. This will ensure you have complete, secure control when around traffic or other dogs.