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Scouts Honour Iron On Patches For Dogs

The perfect addition to your dogs bandana, jacket, blanket or backpack/carrier! All of our Scouts Honour Merit Badges are iron-on. It’s fuss free and done in minutes! Each patch comes with an instruction guide on how to best apply your badge.

Patches Available:

Walkies (45mm x 60mm) - Walkies?!
Been There Peed On That
- For the adventure seeker who likes to leave their mark.
Belly Rub Club - The cuddliest club around. Currently accepting members.
Rescue (45mm x 60mm) - For the pooch with a second shot at life.
Sock Thief (43mm x 47mm) - Who needs expensive toys? A good old smelly sock is the best gift you can give your furry friend - and this patch, of course!
Wiggle Butt (45mm wide) - For excitable pups with tails that just won't quit!
Lover not a Biter (45mm diameter)Until you steal the treats, that is. For the big softie in your life.
Nature Enthusiast (50mm diameter) - There’s nothing quite like a mouthful of splinters. If your furry friend enjoys finding that perfect stick in the great outdoors, then this is the patch for them!
Oversized Lap Dog (50mm x 60mm) - Big is beautiful. And as a pooch, there’s no better place to be than curled up on a nice warm lap - no matter your size.
Tricks For Treats (50mm diameter) - For the show-pony-pooches with an extensive trick repertoire - so long as you have treats ready!
Will Sit For Snacks (60mm wide) - Nothing gets a dogs bum to the ground quicker than the promise of snacks. For the uber-obedient, and always hungry.
Green Thumb (40mm x 45mm) - For the avid gardeners out there with dusty paws and muddy noses. We promise you they’ll totally dig this patch - maybe even more than your new flower patch - one can hope anyway!
Less Talk More Walk (50mm diameter)They say it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. This patch is for the pups who like nothing more than some fresh air and a long journey ahead of them.
Neighbourhood Watch (50mm diameter) - To the dogs who selflessly devote their days to the protection of their home and neighbourhood. We are all truly grateful - just keep the barking down, ok?
Good Girl (55mm x 35mm) - Finally, an answer to the age old question, Who’s a good girl!? This patch is the perfect gift for the Good Girl in your life.
Good Boy (55mm x 35mm) - Finally, an answer to the age old question, Who’s a good boy!? This patch is the perfect gift for the Good Boy in your life.
Always Hungry (60mm x 42mm) - For the always hungry who can always fit in that extra treat.
Stop & Smell the Butts (65 x 35mm) - For the pooch who just can’t resist a good sniff.
Best Buddy (50mm x 45mm) - When you want the whole world to know exactly who your best friend is (if it wasn’t obvious enough already?!) While you’re at it, you may as well get two – one for their bandana and one for you.
Sloppiest Smoocher (40mm diameter) - For the smoochie-poochie who loves some good old fashion PDA and isn’t afraid to admit it.
Boopable (70mm x 27mm) - For the pooch who is just too cute not to boop.
Tug of War Champion (55mm wide) - A good scout should know how to tie a decent knot. Here at Scout's Honour, we're more interested in destroying them. 
Zoomies (60mm wide) - For the pooch who can go from zero to zoomies!
Fur Baby (50mm wide) - If your dog isn’t your fur baby, then do you even really have a dog? For the pampered pooch who deserves it all.
Foodie (65mm x 30mm) - Awarded only to the most sophisticated of palates. Although for dogs, that's not really saying much.
Fetch Fanatic (45mm diameter)For the ball obsessed who would quite happily play fetch all. danm. day.
Camp Canine (40mm x 63mm) - Treat your camping companion for your next adventure.
Naughty & Nice - When you’re a little bit of both!
Doggy Paddle Pro - For the beach bound.
Bork - For those who like to get loud!
Doga - For the downward dog. Ohhh big stretch...!

Sizing & Specs

Scouts Honour Merit Badges For Dogs

At Scout's Honour we love dogs! We make patches for dogs that perfectly sum up and celebrate their quirky traits.

Iron on patch
Sold in singles
Sizes vary (please see individual patch details)