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K9 Dog Rucksacks

K9 Dog Rucksack

You have found the whole dog backpack range from K9 in one place! A K9 dog rucksack enables both you and your dogs to go and explore together. Hikes, city walks, or even running, bikes and more all become possible with a K9 dog rucksack meaning you no longer need to leave them at home.

K9 sport sacks are made for all who love dog adventures outdoors but some of the most amazing stories we have received include the older dogs who in a different life may have become the forgotten one. They tend to be no longer fit enough or capable of going on walks and enjoying life to the full or so we think, but then the amazing owners managed to give them the opportunity and ability to still enjoy the fresh air together buy buying a K9 dog Rucksack.

These K9 dog rucksacks come in a variety of sizes and colours to ensure we can fit your dogs needs. Furthermore, they even have custom made booster blocks if the size is not quite perfect and these snuggly fit in the bag for a comfortable boost in height for your dog.
The inventor of the K9 Sport Sack forward-facing backpack dog carrier was Joseph Watson: His motto “No more leaving your best friend behind” fits hand in hand with our motto “wherever you go, go with your pet”. The K9 Sport sack is so relevant to our niche of travelling with pets, it enables so many people to still adventure with them which is why we are so happy to offer you such a quality and innovative product.

K9 Rucksack - Choosing the Right One for You
There are now many options for you to choose from when looking for a k9 dog rucksack, so much so that it can be overwhelming. Here are several links which help you to understand the different K9 backpack features and sizing options > K9 Backpack Features


What Dog Rucksacks are Available?

Here is a list of the popular K9 range including dog backpacks, patches and booster blocks for your next adventure with your dog. 


K9 Sport Sack Trainer

If you are looking for an entry-level, affordable dog rucksack then the K9 sport sack Trainer might be a good starting point. It is suited to those who are looking for smaller walks and not long hikes therefore it doesn't require some of the additional features other K9 dog rucksacks have.


K9 Sport Sack Urban 2

Looking for a dog rucksack that is both practical and fashionable for walking the streets? If you need something with some style and less of a hiking backpack then the Urban 2 is a great choice for those city strolls with your pup.


K9 Sport Sack Air 2

The K9 sport sack air 2 is a breathable, smaller bag perfect for smaller dogs who love going out on hikes with you. It has side pockets for extra storage and is great for smaller dogs weighing under 30lbs.


K9 Sport Sack Plus 2

The K9 sport sack plus 2 is a dog backpack with an additional detachable pouch making it perfect for carrying additional pet adventure accessories when you are starting to consider longer trips. This is emphasised by having a padded back panel for extra comfort with fully ventilated sides for those longer stints.


K9 Sport Sack Knavigate

This K9 sport sack Knavigate is a dog rucksack for a more intense adventure. It is designed with both you and your dog in mind so comfort must apply to both. Extra comfort is provided with more support wrapped around your midsection to reduce the load on your shoulders as well as having additional storage at the bottom of the bag with side pockets for drink holders and an internal frame.


K9 Sport Sack Rover 2

This leads us on to the K9 sport sack Rover 2. This is the ultimate dog rucksack which is only for medium to large dogs and owners who really like to push the boat out. It has all the bells and whistles you could need including 60 litters of space, detachable hood, adjustable height and shoulder straps, mid section support and can carry dogs weighing up to 36kg (only if you can  manage it of course)!


K9 Booster Blocks

Not just an accessory for the K9 dog rucksacks but can be a necessity for when you want a perfect fit. If they just need a slight booster seat to lift them up in the bag then a K9 booster block will fill the gap perfectly.


Custom K9 Patches

If having a K9 backpack with some style and personality means a lot to you, then add a K9 patch to your colourful backpack to really stand out from the crowd. You can add your pups name or a motto you both live by on your adventures together.


K9 Snuggler

If you are planning on some serious winter journeys that are going to be cold and you want them in the backpack without a chunky coat on, then we can certainly recommend the K9 sport sack Snuggler. It is a full-body dog jacket that is insulated and has a drawstring hood. It will keep body heat inside and is a great addition to the backpack, just make sure they don't get too warm! 


Here is a little video to show what you could do with a K9 dog Rucksack.






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