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Outdoor Dog Collars

Outdoor Dog Collars

Multi-functional outdoor dog collars are slowly gaining in popularity, particularly among owners who frequently enjoy outdoor activities with their fellow dogs. Many outdoor dog collars are specifically designed for outdoor use, offering features that improve outdoor performance without compromising comfort or safety.


If you're considering taking your furry friend along on outdoor adventures, consider investing in the right outdoor dog collar for you. To ensure you make the right choice you need to know if it should be waterproof, mud proof, stylish, functional with double D rings, what material you would like. Once you are clear on your type of activities it will be easier to choose the right dog collar.

- outdoor dog collars are slowly gaining in popularity with outdoor lovers who want to go on outdoor adventures with their dogs

- outdoor gear for dogs is designed specifically for outdoor activities without compromising comfort or safety

- outdoor dog collars come in a variety of colours and styles that include waterproofing, mud proofing, stylishness, and functionality.


Designer Dog Collars

Dog owners know that nothing screams "dog walking essential" more than a good old fashioned fashionable collar. But not all dog collars need be boring or waterproof and easy to clean like BioThane!


There's Tweed luxury designs for country dogs who enjoy an adventure in their walks, as well as water-resistant/antimicrobial fabric ones made from anti-bacterial materials so you can go anywhere without worrying about germs giving your pup any problems (and keep them healthy whilst out on walks).


Waterproof Dog Collars

The BioThane dog collars are a perfect accessory for your adventurous pet. Made out of high-quality materials and being sand, sea and salt resistant they can easily withstand the toughest situations while maintaining their sleek and simple design that will make you want to take them on every walk!


The best part about these handmade 'leather feel' collars is how easy it washes off in case something spills or gets dirty - no need to worry because with water resistant BioThane material you will be able to simply wipe clean and carry on.


EzyDog Double Up Dog Collars

The EzyDog double up collar provides peace of mind, while also helping to bear the pull and force from your dog. The belts are made from durable soft touch webbing which is tested for all kinds adventures; it's great because the collar provides you with twice the security and strength, while also allowing for added functionality. The dual stainless D-rings on each side ensure that once attached to your leash it takes pressure away from buckle when in use which helps widen its lifespan even more!

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