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Popular Adventure Pet Gear

Popular Pet Gear

Travelling with pets is easier with the right adventure pet gear. Adventure pet gear is specially designed to make travelling with your furry friends easy and comfortable, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a casual hiker.

Before setting out for your adventure trip with your pets, it's important to be prepared. Make sure that you have the following popular adventure pet gear on hand before packing for your trip:


The List of Popular Items

Here is a list of just some of the popular pet gear to get you ready for your adventures with pets.


K9 Sport Sack

If you want to take your dog on the subway, train or out on a long hike then a K9 sport sack will make your idea a reality. They come in a few different styles which means you can go for the entry-level models right up to the top-spec K9 sport sack Rover 2 for some hardcore pet adventures.

The K9 Sport sack will allow a much-needed break for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They enhance the adventures by giving your dog a chance to push their limits but not exceed them by letting you hike as far as you can and then by allowing them a well-needed rest whilst you carry them back home in comfort.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness 

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is the classic and best-selling harness from the Ruffwear range. It's been tried and tested everywhere and by many dogs and is a firm favourite with us and many others. It's designed with comfort and safety in mind which are two of the most important components you need when travelling with pets.


Pawfit Pet GPS Tracker

The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker is the latest fully waterproof GPS for pets to ensure you can have peace of mind when they go out of sight. Not only does this have GPS tracking but it even has activity monitoring so if they need to lose a few pounds and who doesn't, this will help you get them on their way.


Dog Travel Water Bottle 

One of the biggest gripes for pet owners is having to carry or find a water bowl when out walking in the middle of nowhere. All good when a pet-friendly pub is nearby but what happens when this isn't the case? You have a pet water bottle that has patented technology to prevent water waste, ensuring you can keep your pets hydrated. Just don't forget about your hydration too! A space-saver and life-saver.


Collapsible Dog Bowl

if a dog water bottle is not your kind of thing, then why not try a collapsible bowl. Simple to use and a space-saver.


Dog Raincoat

If you are going wandering in the UK then you are probably going to run into some rain at one point or another. Not only are these dog raincoats practical, they really are the dogs....they are top quality!