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Dog Travel Water Bottle

Hydration and travelling with pets are difficult tasks to take on, especially when you are travelling in a car. It is hard enough keeping yourself hydrated while driving, but we know that our pets need water at all times too!

One of the biggest problems with taking pets on holiday or trips away is their inability to grab a drink for themselves, which results in lost time trying to fill up a water bowl and then wasted water when it sits in a bowl! Not to mention the amount of space water bowls can take up in your luggage.

Why this is great for adventures:

  • It keeps water fresh and cool 
  • It isn't all gone as soon as you lift the bottle
  • It has a carabiner clip to carry it 
  • 2 in 1 Dog drinking bottle - The lid can be used as a mini bowl 
  • It has a patented slow-release system which helps you to avoid spills and waste as seen pouring from a conventional bottle, meaning you save water
  • Available in many sizes to suit large dogs, puppies and even cats
  • Designed with an ergonomic shape for no slip grip
  • it’s easy to fill and dishwasher safe


The Long Paws dog travel water bottle has a patented slow-release system which helps you to avoid spills and waste as seen pouring from a conventional bottle, meaning you save water and important luggage space.

It is available in many sizes to suit large dogs right down to puppies by using the 250ml puppy water bottle which can even be used with cats. Not only this but you can attach the bottle to your belt loop with a carabiner clip which is attached. The bottle has a cap so you can use it as a mini bowl if you need to.

This is the perfect accessory for any pet owner and will be assuredly useful on your adventures. It can also fit in your pocket or bag, making it easy to take everywhere with you.


Dog Travel Water Bottle for Walking 

The Long Paws dog water bottle is truly an amazing idea, as well as being very useful, it looks super cool too! I can't wait to take my dog out on a hike with this water bottle.

Innovative and stylish solution to a common problem for those who love their pets. Enjoy those long hikes even more knowing that your pet will have water to keep them going all day long.


This is a BPA (bisphenol A) free portable dog water bottle made for for your travelling pets whether they are adventure dogs or even cats! This dog bottle has a lifetime guarantee, is lightweight and has a carabiner clip to attach it to your bag or belt when on the move.


When buying a dog travel water bottle, you just want it to be reliable and to excel at the fundamentals when hydrating your pets and this one does.

- It is a leakproof dog water bottle
- It is strong and sturdy dog water bottle
- It can double up as a medium sized bowl using the lid

This pet water bottle is also made from stainless-steel meaning it is rustproof for your outdoor activities no matter the weather or adventure.

Sizing & Specs
Capacity Best For Height Width Weight
250ml XS-M Cats and XS-S dogs 14cm 7cm 150g
500ml M-XL Cats and S-L dogs 20cm 7cm 200g
750ml L-XXL dogs 25cm 7cm 250g

Materials: Stainless Steel & BPA free plastic


Why is this the best cat/dog travel water bottle for travelling?

Our bottle has been tried and tested by a selection of both travelling dogs and travelling cats from all over the world.

The verdict has been an outstanding array of 5* reviews due to its lightweight, sturdy, and durable build plus it's unique patented water bottle technology. These factors make it easy to carry, a space saver in luggage and ideal to use with pets whilst on the move.

We have tried many and are not a fan of the plastic bottles. We believe that this is the best cat and best dog water bottle for hiking.

How to use this cat/dog travel water bottle?

Adjust the height to suit your cat or dog and hold at a 90-degree angle for best sipper flow / water saving.
For first time use, hold at a 45-degree angle so your pet can see the water in the sipper and be guided towards drinking it - once they have got the hang of it, move to an upright position to prevent extra drips!
If you find your pet is struggling to get used to the sipper, try spreading some of their favourite wet treat (cheese, pate, fish) onto it as a lure.

Can it be used in any other way?

For those extra fussy drinkers, the lids can be turned upside down for use as a small or medium sized bowl.


Can this be used for all species of pets?

For travel, we have found this pet bottle works best as a portable dog water bottle or a portable cat water bottle with a minimal amount of training. Due to the similarity of a hamster bottle, it could however also be used as a small mammal water bottle.

What is BPA?

Research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Exposure to it is a concern because of potential health effects.
To reduce your pet’s exposure to BPA, try a stainless-steel pet water bottle dispenser. To go one step further, try one which offers a fun and interactive way for your pets to drink in a leak-proof, patented technology travel pet bottle which is perfect for your travels with your adventure pet.