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Travel Dog Shop

A travel dog shop with the right adventure dog gear can make travelling together so much easier. Our adventure dog gear is designed to make travelling with your furry friend easy, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, on a road-trip with family or you're a casual hiker roaming the landscape with your pal by your side. 

Before setting out for your adventure trip with your pets, it's important to be prepared. Make sure that you have the following popular adventure dog gear on hand before packing for your trip:


Dog Walking Accessories 

There are several questions to answer before taking a dog outdoors:

How will my dog feel about my absence? Am I sure they are independent enough to go exploring with me or do I need to take dog walking accessories that help to enable them?

If this is our first trip together, it is important that I keep up with my canine companion. This may mean stepping down my pace or altering course in order to accommodate his/her abilities or interests. Will both of us enjoy this experience and what dog travel products can I take with us to make it enjoyable and easier?


How will my dog feel about coming when I call? Will he/she listen to me in a new environment, when distracted by something that interests him/her more than returning to my voice? What accessories can I use to keep them engaged and what dog safely devices can I use to monitor them if they were out of sight?

If I plan on taking my dog off-leash in a wilderness area, does the law require me to have a leash with me at all times just in case? Do I want the weight of carrying a heavy Flexi around with me for days or weeks on end? Should I opt for different leads for different weather purposes and what can I store them in when I am walking?

What kind of terrain am I expecting from day-to-day and from mile-to-mile? Do I need boots or footwear that will support my dog's paws? If so, what dog boots are practical for the conditions?

How much water does my dog usually drink at each outing? Will I need to haul more than his/her usual amount of water and what bowls or bottles will I carry this in to ensure there is no shortage?

Is there anything I can expect in terms of temperature changes over the course of a day/week/month during the season we are taking this journey? What about humidity levels and precipitation amounts at different times of year? What if the sun is beaming and sun protection is required or it is full of snow with blizzards? Do they factor into my dog gear needs? Can I adapt quickly?

If you plan on getting your dog accustomed to the outdoors before your first adventure together, it is important to take him/her out for solo walks and short trips gradually building up stamina. Getting them used to all of their gear from a dog travel shop prior to leaving on a journey will make that process easier as well.


Dog Travel

There are also some dog travel considerations to think about once you get out into the wilderness together. 

If hiking on off-trail terrain, do not assume my dog will move where he/she should. We may need new toys or training aids in order to keep track of one another through areas with little or no line of sight between us. This also applies when taking my dog near rivers or other bodies of water without defined trails.

Your dog does not care about the actual destination of where we are going. He/she is likely to view this journey as a smell-hopping adventure, so I must take care not to let my canine friend's natural instincts override mine. We may need to employ ground tethers or leashes in order to control the pace towards an objective.

Wherever you go, go with your pet and embrace your companion, no matter the adventure!


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