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Velvet Cat & Dog Bow Tie

Luxury handmade velvet cat and dog bow ties which easily slip onto pet collars. Add a little velvet sparkle to your pet's travels across the range of fourteen stunning colours.


Handmade Dog & Cat Bow Tie

- Velvet look and feel
- Individually handmade to order
- Available in three sizes for a range of pet species and breeds
- Choose from fourteen beautiful colours to match your pet's personality and style
- Bow tie collar with elastic loop fitting slides over pet collars easily and safely 

Sizing & Specs

Pet Bow Tie For Cats & Dogs

Made from: Plush velvet fabric and elastic loop fitting

Bow tie dog and cat sizes:

Small cat and dog bow tie - Best for XS-M cats and XS dogs
Medium cat and dog bow tie - Best for M-L cats and S-M dogs
Large cat and dog bow tie - Best for XL cats and L-XL dogs


Washable dog bow tie? 

These can be easily washed.

Are you looking for a cat or dog Christmas bow tie?

These designs are perfect for Christmas, New Year or other celebrations such as using as a dog birthday bow tie or dog wedding bow tie given their luxury feel and presence.

How do bow tie dog collars work?

Simply slide the fitting at the back of the pet bow tie over your pet's collar for an instant bow tie dog collar or bow tie cat collar.