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Winter Pet Gear & Autumn Pet Gear

Winter Pet Gear

Some may say the autumn and winter adventures are made for the bravest of explorers, others say they're there for all to embrace with the right winter pet gear in place.

Our aim is to provide you with the best outdoor, pet winter gear for dogs and cats that will help you get through colder days and longer nights, but still give you everything you need for adventures with pets. Our Autumn & Winter pet travel collection features winter dog walking gear and winter cat walking accessories such as pet coats, winter jumpers and hiking wrist warmers for yourself to keep warm.

Away from the colder weather, autumn and winter also brings rain, which brings mud, which brings mess! That's why we stock a range of towel-off pet shampoos, pet drying coats and pet drying mitts. Another factor to consider is shorter days and longer nights, so it can be a struggle to keep your pet's always safely seen in low-light. To help with this we offer a range of high visibility pet bandanas, pet safety tag lights and Flexi neon leashes.

It might be cold, it might be wet, but once you're outside exploring in Autumn and Winter with your pet's you'll find a new lease of love for the great outdoors together with your pet winter gear!


Winter Dog Walking Gear

When dogs are out in the cold, they can feel the cold like us but this depends on their natural coat layers and thickness. Those with short hair dog coats can be prone to suffering from frostbite and hypothermia and they can get sick and really feel the effects of the cold without winter protection. 

Dogs that don't wear winter dog walking gear such as coats, boots, and warmers to protect their bodies from the harsh weather conditions may suffer from ice build up in their ears, paws, tails, and legs. Since dogs naturally have a higher body temperature than humans do, a lot of heat can be lost quickly and they can quickly get cold outdoors in the winter. Dog boots are a great way to keep them from slipping on ice and being exposed to dangerous substances such as salt, chemicals, broken glass, etc. that may be found in the snow or on frozen surfaces when walking outside in the winter.


Check out the Rukka boots available here > Rukka Winter Dog Boots


Winter Dog Coats

Winter Dog coats are also one of the best ways to keep dogs warm and prevent them from getting cold. If a dog is too hot, they can pant and if their body temperature drop much faster than it would for humans that will lead to the possibility of hypothermia. Winter outerwear such as dog coats can come in different shapes and sizes and can be made out of various materials such as fleece, cotton, and faux-fur. Dog coats can also be worn over other winter dog walking gear such as boots and warmers to add extra protection from the cold in the winter weather.

Brands of dog coats from our pet winter gear range include:

Rukka Dog Coats

Ruff and Tumble Dog Coats




Danish Design


Dog Paw Protection

Paw protection is vital in winter conditions because snow and other cold weather elements can cause significant damage to a dog's paws. Paws can freeze or become very sensitive and painful. If this is a concern for you then take a look at Mushers Secret Paw Wax, it's not just any old paw wax and the secret is now here in the UK!

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