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Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser Releases; Naturally, Calming Pheromones | Safe for Pets and You | Simply Plug and Be Calm

The Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser helps keep your dog calm and adapt to a new environment. When travelling to new places and new environments, it can cause some dogs to feel uncomfortable, nervous, and unsettled. The Adaptil calm home diffuser can help keep your dog calm and ensure they slowly come round to the new environment. A relaxed dog means a relaxed you, whether home or away.

The solution comes from a 'drug-free' product that helps alleviate their fear of stress, loud noises, new visitors, and environments.

Since ADAPTIL Calm works continuously, it provides constant comfort when indoors. That's why it's the #1 solution to help dogs remain calm and adapt to stressful situations at home. 


Keep Pets Calm with an Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

Use the diffuser to help your dog feel good and comfortable:

- When staying alone indoors
- When visiting family, friends or holiday homes
- When facing strange situations indoors
- In cases of loud noises (parties, fireworks, thunderstorms etc.)



Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser Features

- Fast and effective 
- Non-drug solution
- Works continuously 
- Safe for pets and people
- Can be used with other pet medications
- Suitable for dogs of all ages
- Peel off reminder sticker 


Sizing & Specs

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit & 30 Day Refill

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser Starter Kit: 


- Plug-In Diffuser (48ml)

- 30-Day Refill

Coverage: 30 days, up to 50-70m2

Connection: To be used with 230-240V only

Adaptil Calm 30 Day Refill


Connection: To be used with an Adaptil Plug-in diffuser only



How does ADAPTIL Calm work?

Mother dogs communicate with their puppies using natural "comforting messages" released from the mammary zone. These "comforting messages "are scientifically called Dog Appeasing Pheromones. They are odourless and are only perceived by dogs. They provide a strong signal of comfort and security to dogs of all ages.

ADAPTIL Calm releases "comforting messages" to help dogs feel reassured and relaxed in all challenging situations.

ADAPTIL Calm is a clinically proven effective pheromone solution. It's NOT a sedative or a tranquillizer.  


Where to Plug?

In an electric socket with a minimum clear distance above the diffuser of 1,20 m

(The oily vapour carrying ADAPTIL "comforting messages" rises in a column of warm air above the diffuser.

In a socket of its own.


Where NOT to Plug?

It would prevent/reduce diffusion if the diffuser is plugged in:.`

  • behind a door
  • underneath furniture
  • in any socket without 1.20 m clear above it
  • In a multi-plug extension adaptor
  • With an international adaptor
  • With an extension lead


How Fast Will it Work?

In 24 hours, the diffuser will be fully functional, and ADAPTIL will spread in your home.

For situations that can be anticipated, like fireworks, you should plug in the Diffuser 2-3 days in advance.


What is the Shelf Life?

Refills shelf life is 36 months (expiration date on the packaging). We recommend replacing diffusers after six months.