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      Guinea Pig and Rabbit Harness With Leash

      This small mammal harness allows you to take your rabbit, guinea pig, small cat or kitten outside for exercise whilst keeping in control of them. The adjustable rabbit harness allows for a secure fit and is made of sturdy polyester which is durable, long-lasting, and comfortable for your pet to wear. 

      Why this is great for adventures:


      Small Pet Harness & Lead Set

      - Fully adjustable harness with D-ring
      - 120cm matching lead included 
      - Lightweight
      - Strong 
      - Comfortable materials 
      - Trigger hook for easy removal 

      Sizing & Specs

      Rabbit and Guinea Pig Harness and Lead Set In Pink or Blue

      Size: Maximum girth of 40cm
      Contents: Matching 120cm polka-dot lead & small mammal harness
      Made from: Polyester and chrome plated die-cast trigger hook


      Are harnesses safe for rabbits?

      Yes harnesses are safe. You should use a harness which does not cause cinching around the neck. Small animals such as rabbits will want to flee from danger. Like with all pet training, start young, build confidence and use common sense to ensure an enjoyable experience for them and for you. 

      Can a rabbit go out for a walk on a harness?

      Yes they can. But beware that loud sounds and other pets could scare them and make them want to flee. Socialise at a young age, get them used to sounds and build up their confidence. Start with small activities in a garden area.