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Waterproof Dog Collars - BioThane 

Incredibly Resistant to all Elements | Engineered and Patented in the US | Leather Look and Feel

Sand, sea and salt-resistant - Our versatile, BioThane waterproof collars are perfect for dogs who love to explore. Why not treat them to one in a unique, vibrant colour to compliment their other travel accessories during their jaunts? The collars can be easily cleaned and they dry really quickly so you can immediately use them again no matter the weather conditions.

It’s great fun being out on walks with your dog, but it can be frustrating when they get muddy and wet. That’s why these BioThane dog collars are ideal for adventure dogs who enjoy being out in all weather conditions.

Our BioThane waterproof dog collars are made with a soft feel webbing that has a luxurious leather look and feel. It also features our rose gold or stainless steel buckle fittings.

BioThane is a strong rubber coated webbing that's soft on your dog but also very strong, so it won't stretch or break easily. It has the same strength as nylon, yet it will not fray or degrade over time.

It is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating and It has a waterproof finish that helps completely repel water and dirt, making it perfect for dogs who love being outdoors, as well as those who enjoy splashing around in puddles on rainy days!

Why this is great for adventures:

  • They are easy to clean and stink-proof
  • The BioThane dog collars are lightweight 
  • They are waterproof and durable
  • They have a beautiful leather look and feel
  • The collar will not stretch or break easily
  • It has a strong buckle fastening which won't rust or corrode over time
  • It is easy to clean, rubs off dirt easily
  • BioThane dog collars are soft to touch but tough for adventures
  • They are sand, sea and salt resistant

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Waterproof Dog Collars for Adventure

People often ask 'What is BioThane?' and even when they read what it is they often leave with a confused look. Allow me to roll out a few BioThane definitions:
  • It's a trademarked artificial material that has the look and feel of leather.
  • It's a vegan alternative without the leather problems.
  • It's a brand like 'Velcro' is a brand.
  • It's a strong rubber coated webbing that has a soft leather look and feel.
  • It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating

BioThane® is a brand that is trademarked for all coated webbing products. The material is a polyester webbing with a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) coating meaning it's long-lasting, waterproof and a breeze to clean. 


BioThane Dog Collar Features

These are great, durable, waterproof dog collars with a caveson buckle fastening and holes for adjustable fitment for different neck sizes.

Our handmade dog collars are available in 9 pet collar colours. So you can find the perfect designer dog collar for your adventure dog. Are you a forest furry, ice queen or the stealthy type? We have colours to suit a whole range of personalities. 

  • Snow (WH521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Black (BL520) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Sky Blue (BU52H) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Merlot (WN521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Hot Pink (PK521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Battleship (GY523) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Teal (TE521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Cerulean (BU521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK
  • Olive Drab (OD521) BioThane Waterproof dog collars UK


Material - BioThane
Fastening -  Buckle and fittings in stainless steel or rose gold plated

Sizing & Specs

BioThane Dog Collar Specifications

Size & Weight

Width: 16mm (1.6cm)

Size Guide:
Small - 9-13 inch / 22-33cm (holes at 9,10,11,12,13")
Medium- 13-18 inch / 33-45cm (holes at 13,14,15,16,17,18")
Large - 18-22 inch / 46-56cm (holes at 18,19,20,21,22")


Why choose BioThane for your waterproof dog collars? 

It's a weather-resistant coated webbing used to create handmade dog collars and leads. It's similar to a leather or rubber dog collar but much more durable. If you have pets who love to roll in the sand, hike in rain and show no fear, then you need a suitable collar and lead which can match the adventurous ones.

BioThane dog collar vs leather dog collar? 

Unlike leather dog collars, the material is man-made. It doesn't wear down, is stink-proof and easy to clean. 

How are BioThane collars made for travelling with pets? 

First, the base pet collar material is created. The initial polyester webbing is coated with a TPU or PVC coating to get it ready for the elements and adventures. 
The finished article is then cut down and transformed into handmade custom dog collars. In the process, other strong dog collar materials such as stainless steel collar buckles and fittings are used. 

Is BioThane toxic?

BioThane is not toxic and will not present a health or safety hazard when used as recommended. If you misuse this product it will affect the product performance and/or present a potential health or safety hazard

Is BioThane vegan?

Biothane is faux leather and is not Vegan certified, however, it is a great alternative to leather which is not so kind to animals. 

How to care for your collar?

There's little care needed with this collar as It is very easy to clean and maintain. The collar can be wiped clean with soap and water and with very little effort meaning there is no need for machine washing. See our video above to see what we mean. 

Is BioThane Eco friendly? 

Technically, it is not eco friendly as it does not easily break down. However, it's outstanding at being resistant to the elements which ensure you can use it over and over again.

These collars will last meaning you do not need to replace them. You will only ever buy and need one.

Can both dogs and cats wear these?

Travfurlers exploring with cats is on the rise as we would hope and cats can and do wear BioThane products. I would like to throw a caveat out there and ask you to head this advice!
These collars are not snap open or quick release. They are fine to use with cats but, they should not be alone or unattended. They are Ideal for use whilst out exploring with you or relaxing at home in your presence.