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      A Cat Ultrasonic Repellent Against Fleas and Ticks 

      Protect your cat from fleas, ticks and other small parasites without using chemicals with the Tickless Mini repellent. The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and cats, but disturb ticks and fleas, thus keeping them away from your cat. The cutting edge design is also rechargeable so not only is it strong and effective but also long-lasting. 

      Especially designed for small pets, the Tickless Mini is the newest generation of ultrasonic tick and flea repellent for cats. Being much smaller than the standard Tickless pet range, the mini device easily fits onto a cat's collar without weighing it down or causing discomfort. 

      Why this is great for adventures:

      • Cats need protection when adventuring outdoors
      • It will protect your cat for up to 12 months 
      • Cats will be covered for summer and winter adventures
      • Chemical free for your cat and other wildlife 

      Tickless Mini For Cats

      - 94% efficiency against ticks without using any chemicals or fragrances
      - Rechargeable device with long-lasting battery 
      - Especially designed for small-sized pets
      - 2,5 m range
      - Splash proof 
      - Silent to pets
      - Nightlight function for visible comfort at night
      - Safe to use even for young, elderly, ill or pregnant pets
      - Scientifically proven
      - Preventive solution
      - 12 month warranty included

      Sizing & Specs

      Natural Tick Repellent Device For Pets

      Weight once attached to collar: 30g
      Operating range: Approximately 2.5 metres.
      Warranty: 12 months.
      Rating: Splash proof (IP31) 
      Intended use: Preventative protection (in heavily infected tick areas, use along with your usual tick repellent product).
      Testing: TICKLESS® technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the School of Veterinary Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory at the University of Camerino, Italy.

      Disclaimer: Effectiveness depends on the condition of the animal’s coat, as well as the number of parasites present in the area. In areas heavily populated by ticks, 100% protection is not guaranteed. This device is not intended or suitable for removing ticks or fleas from pets that have already been infected. Do not obstruct the emitted ultrasonic waves!


      How do Tickless devices work?

      Each device emits a series of ultrasonic pulses that imperceptible to humans, dogs or wildlife but interfere with ticks ability to orient themselves therefore limiting them from being able to reach your pet.

      How to use a Tickless Mini device?

      Prior to using the Tickless device for the first time place it on charge for three hours and ensure to bathe your pet with a non-chemical tick and flea shampoo to remove any parasites. 
      Once ready to use the device, pick a silicone band from the box and insert it into the side tab of the device. Place the band and device on the collar and pull the band under the collar then insert the silicone into the other side tab. When fixed well Tickless will stay securely on. To ensure it's effectiveness, the device should remain affixed to the animal at all times.

      What does the Tickless warranty cover?

      In the case of a technical malfunction, Tickless offer a 12 months warranty for the main unit.

      How does Tickless nightlight function work?

      Push the Tickless button for 3 seconds when the device is on. Nightlight will engage and begin emitting a rapid blinking red light to keep them more visible at night. Please note: when battery level is lower than 30% the Nightlight function will automatically switch off.