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A Green Way to Dispose of Dog Poop with Compostable Travel Poo Bags 

These small eco-friendly poo bags come in a mini size for cats and small dogs. Smaller pets don't make as much mess which therefore means you don't need standard-sized or large poop bags. The smaller the bag, the less the material needed and therefore less waste which means the more environmentally friendly we can be. 

Why this is great for adventures:

The 100% compostable poop bags aren't harmful to the environment and makeup one part of the range of FETCH·IT compostable pet products. Unlike standard poo bags that take decades to degrade, these have been tested to naturally break down and degrade into natural plant products within a matter of weeks and are certified for home composting. So not only by using these Fetch It poop bags will you be reducing waste, you'll be helping the ocean and marine life that is impacted by plastic waste. 

Like all Fetch It bags these are extremely strong, in fact, the strongest on the market, so you don't need to worry about bursts or leaks whilst on the move. Simply scoop, compost and become a super pooper scooper!


Mini Poop Bags For Cats and Small Dogs

- Degrade into natural plant products within weeks
- Flat sealed to generate a larger volume 
- Mini size especially for cats and small dogs
- Strongest and thickest poo bags on the market
- 30% less material compared to standard size = less wastage
- Unscented
- Vegan friendly

Sizing & Specs

Responsible Dog Owner Qualities

Made from: GM-free cornstarch
Compostability: 100% Compostable
Rating: Certified to the highest European standards for compostability (EN13432 and OK Compost HOME) 
Size: 7 x 10 inches
Package size: 80 bags