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Danish Design Dog Coat with Harness Hole

This Danish Design dog coat with harness hole is available for use with a variety of harnesses and has several access points where your lead can be attached to a D ring.

Ensuring your dog is comfortable and warm during winter walks or just generally when being outdoors is just as important as keeping ourselves and our children warm. Dogs can struggle with the cold especially when they are a short haired breed and do not have a double coat. They are pre-disposed to be colder than other dog breeds. The aim is for dogs to retain as much body heat as possible and more exposure to cold air will quickly cause a loss of this heat. The Danish Design dog coat with harness hole will help to preserve this heat and aid them in staying warm during your winter walks.

Why Choose a Dog Coat with Harness Hole?

As time goes by more dog owners are opting for a harness over a lead and this means we need a dog coat to meet this requirement. This dog coat with harness hole can have a normal lead attached at the front if required as there is no obstruction. Your harness will comfortably fit underneath the coat and there are varying access points (three in total) for the lead to attach to meaning you don’t have to worry about where your D ring is on your harness.

Why choose a Danish Design Dog Coat?

The north of England is slightly colder than the south and Danish Design are based firmly in the North in Yorkshire. They are renowned for creating dog accessories for over 30 years so when it comes to dog coats their products are fantastic.


Danish Design Dog Coat with Harness Hole Features

3 Harness portal holes
- Thermal comfort
- Waterproof
- Windproof
- Light reflective beading
- Machine washable 

Sizing & Specs

Danish Design Harness Dog Coat


Measure from the base of your dog's neck to the base of your dog's tail:

Size (inches) Size (cm) Example breed
10" 25cm Mini Dachsund
12" 30cm Jack Russell
14" 35cm French Bulldog
16" 40cm Beagle
18" 45cm Cocker Spaniel
20" 50cm Vizla
22" 55cm Labrador
24" 60cm Retriever
26" 65cm German Shepherd
28" 70cm Rhodesian Ridgeback
30" 75cm Newfoundland

Aftercare: Machine wash


Question: Does this coat have straps under the back legs?
No, it does not have straps for the legs, but you can find more coats with these straps by clicking here for all dog coats.

Question: Does this coat have holes for the lead to go through to reach the harness?
Yes, it will allow you to use it with a lead in a choice of places by using the three designated portal holes on the top.