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EzyDog UpFront D-Ring Attachment

The UpFront™ leash attachment point transforms your EzyDog Convert or Express Harness into a dog training harness. A removable D-Ring that attaches to the front strap of the harness to create an extra leash attachment point at the front of the harness. Attaching your leash to the front clip provides greater control and can be used to train dogs to stop pulling.


EzyDog UpFront Lead Attachment Point

- Turn your Dog Harness into a Training Harness.
- Easy to attach & detach.
- Strong Stainless Steel D-Ring.
- Standard lead attachment point.

Sizing & Specs

EzyDog UpFront Dog Training Harness Attachment Piece

S (25mm) Fits XS & S Express Harness. Fits 2XS & XS Convert Harness
M (38mm) Fits M & L Express Harness. S & M Convert Harness
L (50mm) Fits XL & 2XL Express Harness. L, XL & 2 XL Convert Harness