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The 'New Comfort' Retractable Flexi Pet Leashes 

German Quality | Tape or Cord Leash | Short-stroke Breaking System | Extends up to 8 Metres | Soft Grip

From our range of Flexi pet products, this is the NEW Comfort Flexi pet leash available with a retractable tape or cord and combines modern features and accessories whilst still providing the traditional advantages of a Flexi. Therefore making it the classic extendable cat or dog leash for exercise whilst still giving them room to roam safely.  

By using a Flexi pet leash, you are ensuring your furry family members can walk out the door feeling free. Additionally, you can allow your pets to roam more without worrying about them running off, which is a win-win situation for you. 


Flexi Pet Leash Features

- 3m (XS - pocket format) & 5m or 8m (S, M & L) cord or tape extendable leashes
- Versatile and safe as a dog leash or cat leash
- Short-stroke comfortable braking system
- Chromed snap hook
- Soft Grip
S, M & L only: Can be customised with Multi Box & LED lighting system
+ either:
- High-strength cord including protector belt with reflective components
- Sturdy tape allows for a larger size breed per Flexi size

The comfortable braking system is a must for those split-second moments when everything changes, such as a car not noticing you going to cross the road or another pet running out in front of you. The braking system is intuitive and smooth, but it reacts within a split of a second.

Deep inside every one of these Flexi leash accessories is a Flexi extendable leash on an ultra long-lasting spring, manufactured to stand the test of time. Every spring mechanism undergoes stringent testing. They are dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to shudder and flutter and then exposed.

Finally, the range of New Flexi comfort pet leashes also features a soft grip handle, great for strong to light pullers and better grip.

Sizing & Specs

Available in a range of seven sizes and two materials for both adventure dogs and adventure cats alike so you can find the perfect size and style for your travels.

XS (Cord) - Max. 8kg
For little dogs, cats and other small animals up to a maximum of 8kg. 
Extra small Flexi leash weight: 100g approximately

XS (Tape) - Max. 12kg
For little dogs, cats and other small animals up to a maximum of 12kg. 
Extra small Flexi dog leash weight: 110g approximately 

S (Cord) - Max. 12kg
For dogs up to a maximum of 12kg. 
Small Flexi leash weight: 160g approximately

S (Tape) - Max. 15kg
For dogs up to a maximum of 15kg.
Small Flexi leash weight: 180g approximately. 

M (Cord) - Max. 20kg
For dogs up to a maximum of 20kg. 
Medium Flexi leash weight: 350g approximately

M (Tape) - Max. 25k5
For dogs up to a maximum of 20kg. 
Medium Flexi leash weight: 380g approximately  

L - Max. 50kg
For dogs up to a maximum of 50kg. 
Large Flexi leash weight: 350g approximately 


How to use a Flexi Pet leash (Flexi leash instructions)?

Firstly, always ensure you are using the correct Flexi leash for the size of your pet by reviewing the Flexi size guide. Flexi retractable leashes never slacken as they are always subject to slight tension.

With the help of the integrated braking system, you can always guide and command your dog or cat by pushing the brake button with your thumb and a slight pull on the leash.

An additional permanent stop function allows you to fix the Flexi leash at a certain length. More information is included in the instructions for use. 

What's the difference between a Flexi cord leash and a Flexi tape leash?

Overall, the tape is more robust and therefore able to hold more weight, meaning you can opt for a smaller size from the Flexi tape range rather than the Flexi cord range.

Tape is also less easy to trip up on/over than the cord. However, the Flexi cord features a protector belt with reflective components, which give it a great plus-point over the Flexi tape option.

Please refer to the sizing guide to find the right style and size for your pet or contact us at if you require any assistance. 

How to care for your Flexi leash?

If the Flexi leash (cord or tape leash) gets wet, pull it out of the case completely, activate the brake lock, and let it dry overnight. Remove adherent dirt from tape/cord and casing before retracting the leash. 

How do Flexi pet leashes work?

Coming from Germany, the Flexi retractable is manufactured to a high standard. Deep inside every Flexi leash is an ultra long-lasting spring manufactured to stand the test of time. Every spring mechanism undergoes stringent testing. They are dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to shudder and flutter and then exposed.

Why do we love a Flexi retractable dog lead?

As travelling is what we love, we have to venture out to various locations. Many of these places insist you keep your dogs on a lead, and some state it with the law backing them. This is for a very good reason, too; for example, you could be approaching edges on mountains and cliffs or venturing through farms with livestock on the loose.

One thing to keep in mind is that a Flexi may not suit all dogs. An example of this would be a dog that pulls a lot and a dog that is not under control.

If your dog trots at a steady pace, is well behaved and loves to have more freedom than a traditional lead can give, well, you have made the right choice with a Flexi extendable dog lead! The Flexi provides you with so much convenience that cannot be garnered from a long lead.

You won't have the lead trailing along the floor, and you won't need to gather the lead back around your arm each time. Convenience is a big factor, but choosing the right length, size and using it right to ensure it does not break or fail is key to using a lead like this.