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Great Basin Ruffwear Dog Bowl

Stable and Sturdy Outershell | Packable | Easy to Clean Water-resistant Lining

The Great Basin Bowl is a lightweight bowl that offers a stable structure for providing food and water for dogs on the go. The waterproof lining and waterproof shell balance functionality and collapsibility, making for a design that packs away easily in a pocket or backpack.

Once you arrive at camp or your buddy needs to re-energise, simply unravel and pop up then fill with your dog's favourite freshwater, food or treats. The open design offers a stable structure that won't tip over easily, keeping water and food safely contained until the moment your pup needs it. As soon as finished or you're ready to travel again, the packable dog bowl folds down into a handy pocket-sized pack.


Packable Dog Bowl

The great basin Ruffwear dog bowl is made of high-quality materials including an ultra-durable nylon shell to handle outdoor use and a high-quality water-resistant lining for easy clean and to repel stains, smells or mess no matter the contents. Both the water-resistant shell and food-grade inner material act as secure fabric supports, helping the bowl to hold its shape when in use. 

For the most avid explorers, the travel dog bowl includes reflective trim for visibility in low light conditions and therefore easy spotting in the dark so you can always find their bowl at important times of feeding and hydration.  

This packable dog bowl is great for travel, easy to use and lightweight to store away in hiking gear. 
Also kits well with the Haul Bag™ and Kibble Kaddie™ for fuelling up, gearing up, and getting out on the road to your next adventure with your dog.


Ruffwear Great Basin Dog Bowl

- Durable food and water bowl
- Water-resistant shell fabric
- Waterproof inner material 
- Food-grade rated
- Lightweight lining 
- Reflective trim 
- Light and sturdy

Sizing & Specs

Packable and Waterproof Dog Bowl


Size Capacity Opening
Small 0.75L (3.2 cups) 11cm (4.5 in)
Medium 1L (4.2 cups) 14cm (5.5 in)
Large 2.5L (10.6 cups) 18cm (7 in)

Colour: Slate Blue
420 denier nylon with TPU finish
Lining: 210 denier nylon taffeta with waterproof finish rated at 4,000 mm (food grade)
Reflective trim

Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry