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Henry Wag Store Fresh Food Box

The Henry Wag Store Fresh Food Box is perfect for storing dry pet food, bird seed, horse supplements and poultry feed. It has a wide opening, easy access lid which is fitted with a foam seal to keep the food fresh.

The Store Fresh Food Box comes with a free measuring scoop which slides into a section on the lid, great for easy food delivery and portion size control.

The Store Fresh Food Box lid has a snap lock closure to prevent easy animal access to the food. All parts of the Store Fresh Food Box are made from tough crack-resistant plastic and are BPA-free.


Henry Wag Store Fresh Dog Food Box

- Foam seal keeps out moisture and pests.
- Wide opening lid for easy access.
- Free measuring scoop.
- BPA free.

Sizing & Specs

Henry Wag Store Fresh Dry Dog Food Box

7.5kg = 33cm l x 25cm w x 42cm h
15kg = 55cm l x 25cm w x 42cm h