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K9 Sport Sack Kolossus - Big Dog Carrier

Expertly Designed for Bigger Dogs | Fully Configurable for Shoulder and Torso Adjustment | Lap Belts - Hip Pockets and Waste Dispenser Bag | The Ultimate All in One

For dogs ranging 20-80lb (9-36kg)

"No dog left behind" with the brand new K9 Sport Sack Kolossus. The ultimate big dog carrier doubles as a backpacking backpack.

Following on from the original Rover, the K9 Sport Sack Kolossus (Formerley known as the Rover 2) has been re-designed in appearance, construction and functionality to give optimum comfort, security and adventures for dogs medium to extra-extra-large. The technology built-in provides the top of the line in pet/human safety and comfort, with the weight limit of 36kg covering the majority of large dogs whilst still allowing you to carry them with ease.

The Kolossus by K9 Sport Sack has adjustable shoulder/torso sizing for all body types that can withstand the weight, a removable lap belt, a robust internal frame with padding and weight distribution straps, plus more unique features. Also, when your adventure buddy is finished being carried, the backpack can be converted to carry up to 60 litres of outdoor gear.

Why this is great for adventures:


Kolossus By K9 Sport Sack

Completely redesigned in appearance, construction, and functionality, the Kolossus (Formerley known as the Rover 2) is THE big dog backpack carrier that now doubles as a backpacking pack. It is ideal for carrying medium to large dogs and is available in sizes L-XXL. Rover 2 technology is top of the line in pet/human safety and comfort. Adjustable shoulder/torso sizing makes this backpack more suitable than ever for all body types (as long as you can withstand the weight). When you’re not carrying your 4-legged friend, the backpack easily converts to carry your gear with up to 60 litres of space. Use this backpack for strenuous hikes, bike rides, and public transit.

New Kolossus Features:
- Backpacking pack conversion
- Adjustable shoulder/torso height
- Removable lap belt with hip pockets & waste bag dispenser
- Internal frame with inner padding for dog comfort
- Padded back panel with increased airflow
- Removable storage/dog back support pack with hydro port
- Weight distribution straps
- Side cooling venting zippers
- Wide base to accommodate your pet and its tail
- Detachable dog sun/rain hood
- Dog lumbar support straps
- 300D ripstop oxford polyester material
- Matching hook and loop strip for custom patch

Features included as standard on all K9 Sport Sack dog backpack carriers:
- Carabiner to clip to your dog's collar
- No-slip zipper to support your dog's back
- Angled side cinch straps to keep your dog in a forward position
- Collar enclosure to keep your dog safe inside the bag
- Side ventilation for breathability
- Zipper loop to secure the main zipper to the collar enclosure

Sizing & Specs

Big Dog Backpack Carrier

For dogs ranging 20-80lb (9-36kg)
Capacity: 50-60 litre capacity

Sizing: Length - Measure from dogs collar to the base of their tail. Girth - Measure the widest part of your dog's chest. 
If you find your dog is between sizes and still growing (you would like to opt for a bigger size backpack to last), or your dog's breed is short-legged/long-bodied, then we can help. We stock a range of K9 booster blocks that add a 3" lift to the backpacks.

Please get in touch with us at info@travfurler.com or on our live chat if you need any help with sizing.





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20 - 23" / 51 - 58cm Up to 34"/86 cm Measure for size
X-Large 23 - 26" / 58 - 66cm Up to 37"/94 cm Measure for size
26 - 29" / 66 - 74cm Up to 40"/102 cm Measure for size

All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong. Do not use any K9 backpacks with dogs who have injuries or disabilities that could be further exacerbated.