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LickiMat Soother for Dog Calming

Enrich your dog's life and calm them whilst on the move with a boredom buster LickiMat which has a soothing texture once licked. Perfect for runny treats like yoghurt, gravy, softened banana or softened biscuits.  


- Soothe and calm your pet through licking
- Promote fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums
- Enjoy small treats without over-feeding
- Keep pets entertained with tasty treats
- Stimulate saliva to aid digestive health
- Collect all LickiMats and your pet will have fun discovering all the different textures

Sizing & Specs

- Non-toxic materials
- Microwave proof, freezer and dishwasher friendly
- VET developed and approved
- Made from BPA free and food grade TPR rubber
- Ideal for cats, puppies, small and medium sized dogs


How to use your LickiMat?

Spread your pet's favourite healthy soft treat over mat surface with e.g. back of spoon or plastic/silicone scraper. Ensure treat is nicely embedded in surface. 

What treats can be used on a LickiMat?

Canned sardines in springwater (or oil drained from can), cream cheese, natural yoghurt, doggy peanut butter, left over casserole (no onions), canned pet food, crushed pet biscuits (soften with water).