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Long Paws Comfort Multi-Function Rope Training Lead


The Long Paws Multi-Function Training Lead is an all-in-one leash for you and your dog. The lead has clips on both ends, and a number of rings along the length of the lead. This lets you clip one end to your dog's collar / harness, and then adjust the length of the lead by clipping the other end to one of the rings.

For training purposes, the lead can be used as:

- a short lead for heel training;
- a medium length lead for general obedience training; and
- a long length lead for recall training.

You can also use the lead to attach to both a collar and harness to ensure full control over your dog, or to walk two dogs at the same time. And with the second clip, the lead can easily be tethered to your seat while relaxing with a cup of coffee, or slung over your shoulder for hands-free walking.

The Rope Training Lead has been made from high strength woven polyester rope, and includes lightweight, locking karabiner clips. The clips attach easily and lock shut with a slide of the latch. The rope has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging. The lead has four O-rings/D-rings along the length of the rope.


Long Paws Comfort Dog Training Lead

- The Leash has 5 length options allowing freedom to move or ensuring close control;
It can be used over the shoulder for hands-free walking;
It can be used as a coupler leash to walk two dogs at a time;
It's the perfect tether to secure your dog while you're relaxing; and
- The Leash can be used in different lengths for heel training (short length), obedience & general training (mid length), or recall training (long length).
- A multi-function rope leash with various uses.
- Length: 200cm / 80in.
- Rope Width: 1.0cm.
- Clips: Lightweight locking karabiner.
- Strength tested to: 180kg.
​- Cleaning: easily hand washable.