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Non-staining, fast working blood coagulant for small cuts on pets

Blood stop is a coagulate powder that stops bleeding by forming a gel which when in contact with blood creates a gel barrier that stems the bleed. Unlike many other products of this type it does not sting or create a yellow stain. Another great addition to your first aid kit for dogs, horses or any animals.

It's ideal for when there are any little mishaps when clipping dogs nails or minor cuts/abrasions whilst out adventuring.

  • Unique stain free formula
  • Controls bleeding from cuts and minor wounds
  • Stops bleeding quickly
  • Carries on working after application
  • Forms a gel barrier
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Competition safe for professional equestrians
Sizing & Specs

Size: 30g
- Recyclable bottle
- Less than 1% Active Ingredient
- Cruelty Free
- Vegan Friendly
- PH Neutral
- Bio-degradable
- Made in the UK