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Rukka Dog Safety Life Vest

Rukka Safety Life Vest, known for its high-end quality, for dogs for water rescue, swimming and rehabilitation purposes or to be used on a boat or in the woods. The life jacket is made of strong nylon fabric and comes with well-shaped floats. The vest is extremely lightweight and figure-flattering, which makes it easy for the dog to move both in water and on land. The wide padded belts under the belly provide comfort and give extra support. There is a robust grab handle on the back in case the dog needs to be lifted. Thanks to the reinforced and adjustable fastening straps, the life jacket stays in place. The three-point fastening straps make the life jacket easy to put on. The high-visibility and bright-coloured life jacket is full of reflective details.


Rukka pets life vest

- Reinforced and adjustable fastening straps.
- Well-shaped and durable floats.
- Reflective details.
- Robust grab handle.
- Wide padded belts under the belly.
- Extremely lightweight.

Sizing & Specs
Size Back Length Neck Body Girth Dog Weight
XS 20cm / 8" 30-40cm / 12-15.5" 35-55cm / 13.5-21.5" 0-5kg / 0-11lb
S 25.5cm / 10" 40-50cm / 15.5-19.5" 40-60cm / 15.5-23.5" 5-10kg / 11-22lb
M 33cm / 13" 50-60cm / 19.5-23.5" 50-70cm / 19.5-27.5" 10-20kg / 22-44lb
L 40cm / 15.5" 60-75cm / 23.5-29.5" 60-85cm / 23.5-33.5" 20-40kg / 44-88lb
XL 47.5cm / 18.5" 70-85cm / 27.5-33.5" 70-100cm / 27.5-39.5" 40-80kg / 88-176lb