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Veterinary Approved Tick Remover

The Tick Twister enables you a simple, safe and painless tick removal on both people and pet's alike. The concept is one of the safest ways to remove ticks without risking parts of the mouth being left implanted in the skin thanks to the hook, grip and twist method. It also doesn't require harsh chemicals and is easy to store and take with you on adventures. 


Tick Remover For People and Pets

- Includes both small tick remove for nymph ticks and large tick remove for adult ticks
- Unique design cradles the tick's body without compressing the abdomen
- Simply reduces the transfer of tick-borne infections
- Aids quick and painless removal 
- Shaped handle and angled hook for ease of use 
- Can be used on both people and animals  
- Can be disinfected or sterilised 

Sizing & Specs

The Original Tick Twister Tick Removal Device

Contents: blister pack including two tick removes (1 X small and 1 X large)
Made from: recyclable plastic.
Instructions for use: hook the tick and twist it off and out of the skin.