Taking Pets Abroad

Taking Pets Abroad
For the luckiest Travfurlers they get to experience an adventure to another country! 
To help with the planning and execution of this, we've put together a quick international pet travel check-list:

- Health: Ensure your pet has a clean bill of health before travel, a check-up with your vet is best practice.
- Destination requirements: Does your pet require any vaccinations, medication or paperwork to be able to enter the country of choice? Refer to the destination's official website or speak with your vet for guidance. 
- Vaccinations and Pet Passport: As above, some countries require vaccinations and/or paperwork (Pet Passport) for entry to be accepted. Are these up to date?
Consider supplies: Do you have enough food and medical supplies to last or do you need to locate a nearby pet shop/vet?
Standby Vet: In case of emergency, do you know where the nearest vet is to your new location?
Comfort/Stress Relief: The change of scenary and upheaval can be a stressful time for pets, especially if it's their first time. Make sure you pack some of their comfort toys/blankets so they always have their home comforts with them. We also recommend a range of pet calming products. 
Pet Travel Supplies: Do you have all the products you need to travel with your pet? View our range of pet travel essentials if not. 

We'll be continuously updating our guidance, so let us know if you think we missed anything and help out adventure pets on their explorations!

Happy Travfurling!
The Travfurler Team

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