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How to measure for Ancol dog cool coats and Ancol cat collars?
When choosing a dog coat size, measure from the base of your dog's neck to the base of their tail for the length and their body circumference for the girth. For cat collars, measure around the neck and for cat harnesses measure around the waist to give the girth measurement. Please continue down the page for individual product guides and recommendations. 

Cat collars (High-vis, Reflective and Vintage Velvet):
Cat Size: 20-30cm
Kitten Size: 15-22cm

Cat harness:
Kitten-Cat Size: 46cm max girth 

Cooling coat

Size Coat Length Coat Girth
XX Small 20cm 40cm (Max)
X Small 25cm 50cm (Max)
Small 30cm 60cm (Max)
Medium 40cm 70cm (Max)
Large 50cm 80cm (Max)
X Large 60cm 90cm (Max)
XX Large 70cm 100cm (Max)


Extreme Coats (Monsoon & Blizzard):

Reflective Coat:

Sizes Length Girth
XS 25cm 48-54cm
S 30cm 43-54cm
S/M 35cm 42-58cm
M 40cm 52-65cm
L 50cm 58-77cm
XL 60cm 63-83cm
XXL 70cm 63-94cm