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How to measure your dog for a Rukka Pets dog coat?

A - Back Length: Measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in the normal position.
B - Neckline: Measure the base of the neck at the widest point.
C - Body Around: Waist measurement should be taken as shown in the photo
D - Front Leg: length should be measured along the side of the leg to the wrist bone.
E - Hind Leg: length should be measured as shown along the side of the leg to the hock.

Rukka Pets Protect Overall:

Rukka Pets Hase Rain Jacket:

Rukka Pets Stormy Coat:

Rukka Pets Sky Jacket:

Rukka Pets Stream Raincoat:

How to measure your dog for Paw Boots?

1. Have your dog stand on a firm surface.
2. Place a piece of paper under a front paw.
3. Lift your dog's opposite front paw so that weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured.
4. Mark Both sides of the weighted paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper.
5. Measure the distance and choose the correct boot from the sizes above.
Please note: Front and back paws may be different sizes. We advise also measuring a back paw using the same method above in case you need to order separate sizes for front and back paws.

Rukka Pets Proff Boots: