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Reduce Stress With Cat Calming Treats

Beaphar Calming Cat Treats

Beaphar Calming Cat Treats are a delicious meaty treat which calm your cat naturally. They are formulated to reduce anxiety in cats during stressful situations such as travelling and vet visits.

Travelling with cats, vet visits and generally leaving the house can create stressful situations which can be very dangerous especially in cars or situations which require your attention. Anxiety in cats can often be easily identified, but sometimes the signs can be very subtle which can be easily missed. Anxiety signs can include

  • Hiding
  • Fleeing and looking startled
  • Reduced appetite
  • Facial rubbing
  • Scratching at furniture
  • Urine spray
  • Hissing

You want to reduce stress as much as possible and this can be achieved with natural cat treats. Not all cats were born to travel. Some cats love to be in a safe area and can be especially sensitive to changes in their environment which can lead to problem behaviour and health complications.


How does Beaphar reduce anxiety?

Beaphar Calming Cat Treats work very well and contain Valerian, Hop Flowers, and the herb Melissa. These natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals promote calming effects, relaxation, relieve anxiety, and restore calmness during stressful situations. 
- Chicken Flavour
- Calms cats naturally
- Handy travel size calming cat products in a re-sealable pack 

Sizing & Specs

Contents: 35g
For ongoing results, give stressed or nervous cats 2 treats per day. Alternatively, the calming treats can be given up to 1 1/2 hours for fast action before a potentially stressful situation. Treats can be given at 3 hourly intervals across the day. Give no more than 6 treats per day.
Composition: Cereals, Milk and milk derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origin (Melissa officinalis 5%, Hop blossoms 1%, Valerian extract 0.1%), Oils and fats (Chicken fat 3.5%), Minerals, Yeasts, Fish and fish derivates, Meat and animal derivatives. 


How do you know if your cat is stressed?
An anxious or stressed cat may demonstrate their discomfort in several ways, some of which can be problematic for owners, especially whilst travelling. These can include vertical scratching, spraying, being overly nervous or constant meowing.