Bio-degradable Travel Kitty Litter Tray
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An ideal temporary litter tray for travels with your cat: 

- Lightweight and packed flat for easy transport.
- Quick and easy to assemble (See FAQ for instructions). 
- Fully biodegradable cat litter tray.
- Each kitty tray lasts up to approximately 10 days.
- Can be used individually as a small litter box for travel or as tray liners whilst away. 


Features of the travel cat litter tray:

- Manufactured using re-cycled fibres with a liquid resistant barrier coating.

- The board and acrylic emulsions used are fully biodegradable. 
- Water-tight acrylic coating.
- Disposable cat litter tray for the end of your travels.


Portable cat litter box size: 39x31x7.5cm (15x12x3") 
Sold individually or in packs of 2, 4 or 8 (bigger packs available upon request - cheap cat litter trays). 


Instructions for assembly of cat travel litter trays:

1. Lay kitty litter trays on flat surface.
2. Fold up both of the sides and then both the ends to about 80 degrees.
3. Angle a side to align with the crease on one of the ends to form the first corner.
4. Wrap corner flap around side whilst pushing locking tab through the slot provided in the side. 
5. Repeat procedure 4 with the remaining corners.
6. Flatten locking tabs against the sides.
7. Use as a normal litter tray. With coating side in we estimate that the cat tray will last at least 10 days, with coating out the life will depend on the amount of soiling.
8. The cat poop tray can be disposed of by composting or burying where it will rapidly biodegrade or if necessary it can be placed in your re-cycling bin bags for processing elsewhere.

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