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Dog Calming Wrap

Dog Anxiety Reducer | Activates your Dogs Parasympathetic Nervous System

Proven to work on 85% of anxious or distressed dogs, by applying gentle pressure to a dog's torso and chest, which like swaddling a baby or giving a hug helps them feel safe and secure. The newfound sense of security immediately reduces dog anxiety caused by various forms such as small space, transport or travel anxiety and more. Your dog will feel calmer and you will see a noticeable difference in quieter and more general relaxed behaviour.

Gives your dog a calming hug...  


Thundershirt for Dogs provides gentle calming and reassurance

- Works on a range of dog stress/anxiety triggers such as; car, crate and travel anxiety, separation anxiety, noise (for example firework or thunderstorm) anxiety, lead pulling and general excitability.
- Made from lightweight, breathable and 4-way stretch fabric
- Simple to fit and easily adjustable
- Water-resistant
- Antibacterial
- Made in Great Britain

Sizing & Specs

Dog Calming Coat sizing and care information

Karma Wrap is available in different sizes to suit the variation of size within each individual breed. To ensure the correct size for your dog, measure completely around the chest, just behind the front legs.

XS 33 – 46cm (13″ – 18″)
S 40- 60cm (16″ – 24″)
M 56 – 71cm (22″ – 28″)
L 66 – 86cm (26″ – 34″)
XL 81 – 106cm (32″ – 42″)

Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°