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Herbal Travel Sickness Tablets for Dogs & Cats

These natural herbal tablets were formulated to help dogs and cats travel by reducing the effects of motion sickness. Given as complimentary feeding 30 minutes before travelling, the tablets get to work immediately and can be repeated on longer journeys when stopping for a break. 

Why this is great for adventures:

  • They help turn your journey into a relaxed affair
  • Lightweight and small enough to carry on you
  • The work fast. You only need to give them 30 minutes before your journey

Johnson's Travel-eze tablets for Dogs and Cats is a great product for both dogs and cats who do not travel easy. The effective tablets contain the natural, herbal ingredient Zingiber officinale, which once digested works immediately to ease the effects of travel sickness. The dosage is easy to follow as per the instructions on the packaging, based on your pet's weight. 


24 Tablets each containing Zingiber officinaie BP 150mg

Analytical Constituents:
Protein 0.19%, Ash 1.7%, Fibre 19.0%, Fat 0.9%

  Bodyweight No. of tablets
Cats and Very Small Dogs Up to 4.5kg (10lb) 1
Cats and Small Dogs 4.5kg to 11kg (10lb-25lb) 2
Medium Dogs 11kg to 23kg (25-50lb) 4
Large Dogs 23kg to 36kg (50-80lb) 6
Very Large Dogs Over 36kg (80lb) 8


How long does travel sickness last in dogs?

Dogs will typically outgrow the feeling of motion sickness. It is more typical in puppies and gets better as they get older but some dogs may still partially suffer from it. 

How can I stop my dog from being travel sick?

Vomiting usually comes from the anxiety of travelling. There is no quick fix but tablets such as the travel-eze have shown a significant improvement in relaxing pets. 

Are these natural remedies for travel sickness in dogs?

Yes they are natural.