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Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker

It is very common for pet owners to take their pets on walks with them. Whether it's on a huge adventure or at the local park or just down the street, it is a must and should be enjoyable and not a worrying time. However, losing a pet locally or even in the mountains and forests far away from civilization during a walk can leave you feeling very anxious.

The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker is the latest fully waterproof pet tracker that provides a range of reliable ways for you to monitor your pet's location, activities and fitness levels. The pet tracking device combines location tracking, activity monitoring and other pet protection features into one robust, small and easy-to-use GPS tracker for pets.


Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker - Pet Location Tracker and Activity Monitor

The Pawfit GPS pet tracker includes an embedded SIM and requires a subscription plan of either 1 month, 6 months or 12 months selected upon device activation. The SIM will work across the UK, in Europe and North America so it really is travel ready and the subscription can be purchased in each of these currencies, so no need to worry about currency conversion charges.

- Real time location tracking (location updates every 5 seconds in live tracking mode)
- Light and sound tracking
- Activity and health monitoring
- Removal alert, safety zone alert and adverse temperature alert
- Audio ID tag that uses the latest text-to-speech technology
- Pawfit voice for training your pets
- Fully waterproof up to 3 metres (IPX8)
- Up to 6 days battery life
- Embedded SIM with coverage across the UK, in Europe and North America
- 18 Month Warranty   


Fully Waterproof GPS Tracking For Dog Walkers & Cat Adventurers

- Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Location Tracking:
For off-leash adventures at the beach, in the woods or in the dark, you can check exactly where your pet is in real time across the UK, Europe and North America. Regardless of where you are, the Wifi and cellular technology, combined with some optimised algorithms, gives you the fastest and most accurate location of your four-legged friend. 

- Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Activity monitoring:
Keep track of your pet's fitness levels and activity trends for both health reasons, training and rewards. Enhance their life and set goals based on steps, distance covered, calories burned, and active/rest hours all personalised with your pet's breed, age and weight. Keep a fit dog and fit cat whilst on adventures. 

- Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Historical trips:
My tracker let's you learn more about your pet's favourite places and how often they visit, or keep tabs on a dog walker or family member whilst out with your pet. 

-  Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Smart alerts:
Get notifications when your pets leave any of the pre-defined zones. Ideal for setting boundaries for cats around the home or whilst camping out with a dog. You'll also get alerts of sudden environmental changes and when the device is removed from the collar attachment. 

- Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Audio ID tag:
Not only can people see your pet's name, but they can hear it with as much information as you choose to include. All they need to do is press the button on the device and they'll hear your pet's information. Giving this pet safety device a big tick for if your pet is ever lost or stolen. 

- Remote voice commands:
Train the device to speak out any commands you and your pet love, "get the ball", here" etc. Available for up to 5 voice commands that can be triggered at the touch of your mobile, smart watch or via the Pawfit app. All additional safety tools for if your pet is ever out of sight, during training or lost. 

- Multi-pet management:
Own more than one pet? No problem as you can create and manage up to 4 pet records and trackers with one Pawfit account. 

- Multi-account sharing:
Share my tracker and invite up to 6 family members, friends or businesses to help look after your pet, whilst away or at work. They'll be able to see all background info, have a way to track your pet if lost and contact them in an emergency. Making this ideal for gps tracking for dog walkers. 

- Pet friendly design:
Easy to attach and even harder to detach. Specifically made for collars and harnesses for pets of all shapes and sizes from 3.5kg upwards. The design includes a secure lock to prevent it from accidently falling off and is made from strong, durable yet comfortable material. 

Sizing & Specs

Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker for Cats & Dogs

Included with the pawfit smart gps tracker:
- Pawfit 2 device (with gps pet tracker sim card included)
- Collar attachment
- Collar strap
- Charging dock
- Quick start guide

Pawfit 2 Device specs:
- Positioning: GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM
- Weight: 30g
- Data communication: GPRS
- Dust and waterproof rating: IPX8 
- Audio alarm: Speaker
- Adverse condition alert: Temperature sensor 
- Acitivty: 3xAxis accelerometer 
- Dimensions: 50.0mmx34.9mmx14.7mm
- Battery life: Lasts up to 6 days (dependant on use and signal strength)
- Operating temperature: From -10°C to +70 °C
- Light: Tricoloured LED
- Warranty: 19 month limited product warranty with Latsen Technology Ltd - full details found here.

Pawfit Subscription plans:
The subscription cost varies depending on the length of subscription period chosen.
You can select the currency that you'd like to purchase in and then choose the subscription plan that works best for you. These are*:

1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
GBP £4.79 per month £23.94 (£3.99 per month) £43.08 (£3.59 per month)
$5.39 per month $26.94 ($4.49 per month) $47.88 ($3.99 per month)
$5.99 per month $29.94 ($4.99 per month) $53.88 ($4.49 per month)

*Please note, these prices are estimates at the time of writing and are subject to change as per Pawfit pricing.


Where will a pet tracking device work?
The Pawfit GPS tracker works by tracking data over GPS to the Pawfit App. This means they will work as long as there is a GPRS (2G/GSM) mobile phone signal in the area. The best way to check whether it will work in your area, is to check your mobile phone connection prior. 

Pawfit How to use my tracker?
Simply follow the instructions provided within the device. Charge up, switch on, set-up and activate then fasten onto your pet's collar or harness and away you go!

What devices does the Pawfit app work on?
The paw fit app will work as a pet monitor app android and pet gps tracker iphone as well as a range of other devices.

A pet gps tracker for cat and pawfit dog gps tracker all in one?
Pawfit is recommended for most dogs and large cats - with a weight of 3.5kg and up.

Where can I find a Pawfit 2 review?
A range of 5 star reviews can be found on Trustpilot