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Pet Blood Stop Swabs

A pet first aid essential, blood stop swabs act fast on contact to stop minor bleeding and soothe pain resulting from cuts and scrapes that may occur on adventures as well as being a good back-up for before, during or after nail clipping.

Easy to use, simply snap the end of the liquid filled swabs, which causes therapeutic liquid to flow down into the cotton tip. The liquid inside contains a fast acting styptic solution to stop bleeding plus lidocaine to stop the pain. This can then be gently rubbed on minor bleeding areas to reduce blood flow and provide pain relief, safely and conveniently. Available in a handy pocked-sized pack of 24 swabs, they can simply be stowed away in luggage, vehicles or pet first aid kits for easy access and fast use.




Pet Blood Stop Swabs For Cats and Dogs


- Pocket-sized travel pack

- 24 individual swabs

- Styptic solution liquid-filled (snap to release) to reduce bleeding

- lidocaine included for pain relief

- Natural ingredients

- Recyclable packaging




How to use: Hold swab with the coloured ring end up. Bend the coloured ring tip gently to one side until it snaps to release the liquid inside. Liquid flows down into the plain white tip. Gently rub swab on minor bleeding areas. Safety: Safe to use on dogs and cats over 6 weeks of age and to be used daily.

Contents: 24 individual swabs Key ingredients: Aloe vera gel, Vitamin E. Pack Dimensions: 2 x 10 x 7cm Made from: Plastic and cotton