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Treat pet stress on-the-go with Pet Remedy's natural calming solution, in easy to use and transport mini spray form.


Natural Herbal Calming Remedies for pets

🐾 All-natural pet calmer
🐾 Developed, made and patented in England 
🐾 Easy to store in pockets and bags, meaning you can always have a pet calming solution handy
🐾 Refillable from 200ml spray
🐾 Can be used on a variety of accessories you have whilst travelling

Pair up the calming spray with one of our cat or dog bandanas for instant and effective use.
Add any Pet Remedy products including this spray and a pet bandana to your basket 
and automatically receive 50% off the pet bandana price. 

Sizing & Specs
1 x 15ml Pet Remedy de-stress and calming spray

The patented calming formula is water-based and pH neutral. Made from natural herbs and essential oils including Valerian absolute oil, Sweet Basil and Clary Sage which is why we believe it to be one of the best herbal calming remedies for pets on the market.


How to calm my pet? 

Use the Pet Remedy natural pet relaxer by spraying on pet bedding, bandana, or even a little on your fingers and gently rub around muzzle, under the chin, and top of chest!
You only need a couple of sprays of the pet remedy drops and this will last between 2 and 6 hours depending on the individual pet.

As a rule, best not to spray directly on a pet. This avoids any association of the spray with the stressful situation. Avoid spraying in the proximity of small mammals and birds as they have small lung capacity. Best to spray a little on a cloth and then place the cloth near them.

When out walking or training an anxious cat, spray a little on a bandana or spray a little on a damp cloth or your fingers and gently rub around the muzzle and top of the chest. The same applies to horses.