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No Rinse Anti Bacterial Dog Shampoo

Perfect for muddy dogs who need a clean!

Less mess, quicker wash! No more mess to clean up, no getting soaked trying to keep your pet in the bath, no more wet walls after your dog shakes itself dry. 

- Rinse-free dog shampoo 
- Disinfects and deodorises 
- Acts against viruses, bacteria and fungi
- Alcohol & phenol free
- Natural fresh fragrance
- Non-sticky
- Towel-off and air dry


Quick Wash is a no-rinse anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foam dog shampoo. The shampoo effectively cleans your muddy dog without water which is perfect for those who are travelling with pets when a bath is unavailable. It's also great for dogs that don't like bathing, for people who may struggle to lift their dogs into a bath or for travel situations with limited water supplies such as camping or RV'ing. 

Sizing & Specs

Apply directly to the dog's coat, massage to lather and towel dry thoroughly to remove. 

Can be used as a face wash where more care may need to be taken. Apply to the face massaging in foam, rinse with water, or towel dry.