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Ruff & Tumble Drying Mitts For Dogs 

Save time, effort and mess with a pair of Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Mitts. Especially designed for cleaning and drying your pets paws, legs and body after wet or muddy adventures, whilst keeping you and your belongings clean and dry.

Muddy Dogs Pet Paws & Legs

Why this is great for adventures:

Each towel mitt fits like a glove and is far more effective than an ordinary towel thanks to their 100% cotton super absorbent material. Due to the shape they allow you to get right into your pets paws and fur, rather than gliding over like ordinary towels. Your pet will feel more comfortable being stroked by these cosy mitts as opposed to having a large towel thrown over them.

The towel mitts are ideal for using after bath time, beach days, rainy days and of course muddy dog walks. Whilst being simple to use, clean and store therefore making them great value for money and an ideal gift for dog owners new and old. Also great for drying cats and even horses! 


Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Mitts Features

- Simple sizing and fit
- Absorbent towelling material soaks up water, mud and moisture
- Loops on each mitten for hanging up by the door
- Packaged in a washable carry bag per pair

Sizing & Specs

Towel Mitt Specifications

- Pack of 2
- One size fit all, no tricky sizing decisions
- Fully machine washable and quick-dry
- Made from two layers of soft, double thickness cotton towelling
- Available in a range of eight colours; Sandringham Blue, Bottle Green, Brick Red, Heather, French Navy, Deep Burgundy, Mud Brown & Beach Stripes
- Matching drying coats available:
Classic collectionCountry collection & Beach collection


Should you dry your dog?

Yes. Dogs don't like to feel uncomfortable and wet for a prolonged period of time. Despite them shaking off some of the excess water and dirt, it is a good idea to dry them and remove any excess dirt. Using some gloves or a towel is also seen as bonding time rather than chasing them with a hair dryer. 

How to use pet drying mitts?

Simply place the mitts on like gloves and rub your pet dry quickly and easily.

What to use when drying off your dog?

You can use pet drying mitts which are made from an ultra absorbent fabric. This fabric soaks up water very fast. They are shaped especially for hands making them easier to use than bulky towels and they are great for rubbing off and catching mud, dirt and moisture. The mitts will  prevent your clothes and arms from getting dirty. Dog walking gloves, just got an upgrade! 

How do Ruff and Tumble pet drying mitts work?

Theses Ruff & Tumble pet drying mitts are made from two layers of cotton towelling which is extremely absorbent and easy to clean. The two layers of natural cotton towelling form a membrane to draw moisture from the dog's paws as quickly as possible. 

How can I dry my dog fast and how do you deal with muddy paws?

Everyone needs a quick solution to getting their soggy doggy dry - what could be easier and quicker than rubbing them dry with dog grooming mitts designed specifically for drying paws then wrapping them up in their own custom dog drying coat

When and where can pet drying mitts be used?

Easy to store, fold and carry drying pet gloves like these can be used pretty much anywhere! Each glove has a hook on the back for hanging, ideal for keeping near your front door and each pair arrives in a washable carry bag that can be stored in a cupboard, car boot or backpack which helps water and mud from making any of your belongings dirty.


Should you wash your dog's paws after a walk? 

Whilst out on dog walks your pet could step in all kinds of dirt and bacteria without even realising it, especially if they're a "mud magnet"! This is why it's important to clean and dry your dogs paws after walks, especially in Autumn/Winter weather. We know it's not always easy to clean dogs paws on-the-go, so that's why we use and recommend these dog paw mitts to dry them before the journey home. Easy paws is that simple!  

How many dog paw mitts are in a pack?

These dog paw mitts are available in pairs only.


How to care for your Ruff and Tumble dog drying mitts?

Cool wash at 30° and gently tumble dry, fabric softener is not recommended.


What do Ruff and Tumble say about their pet mitts?

"We’ve all had paw prints where we don’t want them: clean floors, new sofas, even wallpaper! Yet the best part of a busy day is usually the dog walk, so dealing with wet and muddy paws is part of the life we love with dogs.

At Ruff and Tumble we think dogs should be dogs but there is a solution for paw prints in the car and home: a pair of Drying Mitts.

We have sold thousands of Drying Mitts over the years because they are so simple and quick to use. Unlike using thin towels, you can see and feel the paws as you clean them, so it’s so easy to clean paws thoroughly and quickly! These luxuriously soft and extra-long mittens feel lovely to use and protect your clothes too. Hang on a hook by the back door and grab your mud magnet before it races past you into the house and say goodbye to muddy floors forever!"